MLB power rankings: The futile Chicago White Sox are the worst team in baseball ... by far

The greater appeal of power rankings resides at the top, eager readers wondering if their favorite club’s little hot streak dented the unforgiving hierarchy.

This week, let’s pay tribute to the very bottom of the list – and the team that might never get out of the No. 30 slot.

The Chicago White Sox are not just the worst team in baseball – a stunning designation given the Oakland A’s existence – they are essentially egging on the rest of the league to lap them.

At 3-18, they’ve got the worst record on lock. Worse yet, they’re last in the major leagues in, let’s see here, home runs, batting average, OPS, batting average, hits…

Oh, and runs scored, of course: They’ve crossed home just 45 times in 21 games – 22 runs less than the 29th-ranked A’s. Not surprisingly, the White Sox have been held to two or fewer runs in 14 of 21 games. Each week brings more indignity: Saturday and Sunday, Phillies starters Spencer Turnbull and Zack Wheeler carried no-hitters against them into the seventh and eighth innings, respectively.

That’s more than enough to sign a six-month lease in the cellar of USA TODAY Sports’ power rankings. Perhaps not so great, though, if they truly hope to hoodwink Chicago into a new stadium.

A look at this week’s rankings:

1. Atlanta Braves (+2)

  • "These guys don't need me to win a World Series," says Spencer Strider. He's right.

2. Baltimore Orioles (+2)

  • Corbin Burnes gets better as game gets deeper, holding hitters to .140 average innings 4-7.

3. New York Yankees (-2)

  • They really booed Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium? Idiotic fans.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (-2)

5. Cleveland Guardians (+3)

  • If they score runs like this all year, they might win 100.

6. Milwaukee Brewers (-1)

  • With .313 average, .389 OBP, .889 OPS, Willy Adames setting sail on career year.

7. Philadelphia Phillies (-1)

  • They were 15-14 last March-April, 14-8 this time around.

8. Cincinnati Reds (+6)

  • With six homers and 10 steals, Elly De La Cruz charting an Acuña-esque course.

9. Toronto Blue Jays (+6)

  • Jose Berríos is the best pitcher in the American League at the moment.

10. Chicago Cubs (-1)

11. Texas Rangers (-3)

  • After scraping together 5-5 road trip, they're now home for nine straight - and Max Scherzer nearing return.

12. Boston Red Sox (-)

13. Seattle Mariners (+5)

  • Sluggish start still has them near top of AL West.

14. Tampa Bay Rays (+3)

  • Kevin Cash could pass Joe Maddon as Rays' winningest manager this week.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks (-4)

16. Kansas City Royals (-6)

  • Nearly half their 13 wins have come against White Sox.

17. New York Mets (+3)

18. Detroit Tigers (-5)

19. San Diego Padres (-)

20. Pittsburgh Pirates (-4)

  • How many more 100-mph fastballs will Paul Skenes throw in the minor leagues?

21. San Francisco Giants (+3)

  • Simply treading water - they're 6-5 against Padres and Diamondbacks, two teams they need to beat.

22. Houston Astros (-1)

23. Los Angeles Angels (-)

  • Anthony Rendon gutted through 19 games before hamstring injury sent him to IL.

24. St. Louis Cardinals (+1)

  • Scored just six runs in three games against Brewers pitching.

25. Washington Nationals (+1)

  • Series wins against Dodgers, Giants, Astros.

26. Minnesota Twins (-4)

  • Ryan Jeffers is having a nice year, but the plan wasn't for him to be their best offensive player.

27. Miami Marlins (+1)

  • Still haven't won a series. But splitting four at Wrigley Field is a start.

28. Oakland Athletics (-1)

  • Outscored 51-18 in season series against Cleveland.

29. Colorado Rockies (-)

  • Thirty-three degrees at first pitch the other night. And people still keep coming to the games.

30. Chicago White Sox (-)

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: MLB power rankings: White Sox are by far baseball's worst team