Fantasy Football Expert Mock Draft, Part V: QBs come off the board in Rounds 9-10

With the NFL draft in the rearview mirror and fantasy football draft season in full effect, it’s time for our Yahoo experts to get in on the action. We recently held a 12-team, 10-round, 0.5 PPR mock to get things started. Without further ado, here are the final two rounds of our expert mock draft.

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Pick 97: David Njoku, CLE, TE10 — The usage tree is starting to get crowded, but Njoku nonetheless was TE8 last year despite some frustrating stops and starts. A full year with good coaching and a plus quarterback, now we're talking. And Year 3 is generally a good time to buy into a pedigree tight end. (Scott Pianowski 1)

Pick 98: Matt Ryan, ATL, QB5 — So many toys around him, perhaps more than what Ryan had during his MVP year of 2016. I get that you can do well at quarterback at any price point, but the dome-feasting Ryan has enough theoretical upside for me to dip into the pool now. (Pianowski 2)

Pick 99: Geronimo Allison, GB, WR43 — Expected slot starter should immediately command 20% of target share given length and Rodgers' trust. He's underrated. (Brad Evans 1)

Pick 100: Kyler Murray, ARI, QB6 — The setup is perfect: 1) Knows system, 2) Dual threat, 3) Terrible defense, 4) Solid arsenal, 5) Top-5 easiest strength of schedule. (Evans 2)

Pick 101: Russell Wilson, SEA, QB7 — It's the ninth round. And there's a QB who has posted at least 35 TDs in three of his last four seasons as well as top-six rushing stats in back-to-back years still on the board. Go Hawks. (Liz Loza 1)

Pick 102: Ito Smith, ATL, RB42 — Yeah, so, the Qadree Ollison news isn't ideal, but Smith's ability in space could lead to some big plays and I'm already kind of banged at RB so let's just do the damn thing. (Loza 2)

Pick 103: Sammy Watkins, KC, WR44 — It feels as if we were first drafting Watkins in like 1994, but somehow he's still only 26 years old. Here's hoping he can remain healthy-ish. (Andy Behrens 1)

Pick 104: Courtland Sutton, DEN, WR45 — Hey, whenever you can grab Joe Flacco's top receiver in the ninth round of a July mock, you do it. (Behrens 2)

Pick 105: DaeSean Hamilton, DEN, WR46 — Since Andy took the WR3 in Denver the previous pick, I'll take up the young player who is actually good and could pile up short receptions. (Matt Harmon 1)

Pick 106: LeSean McCoy, BUF, RB43 — The pick I never want to make but keep making, McCoy could still lead the Bills...or perhaps another team in carries come September. (Harmon 2)

Pick 107: Donte Moncrief, PIT, WR47 — Pittsburgh was by far the most pass-happy team last year, and Antonio Brown is now gone freeing up a bunch of targets. (Dalton Del Don 1)

Pick 108: N'Keal Harry, NE, WR48 — The Pats love the rookie, who could be tasked with a big role right away given New England's shaky alternatives in the passing game. (DDD 2)

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Pick 109: Baker Mayfield, CLE, QB8 — My No. 4 QB and was able to grab him in round 10. Superflex has to soon become the norm in all leagues. (DDD 1)

Pick 110: D'Onta Foreman, HOU, RB44 — I have Foreman ranked ahead of Lamar Miller, and now's a good time to gamble on unknown upside (I considered Damien Harris here as well). (DDD 2)

Pick 111: Emmanuel Sanders, DEN, WR49 — An obvious screaming value if he's healthy and he did indeed avoid the PUP. Has the skills and volume outkick a ton of the players left on the board. (Harmon 1)

Pick 112: John Brown, BUF, WR50 — By all reports, Brown has a clear hold on the WR1 gig in Buffalo. While that won't mean a massive helping of targets, we know he is good at the game and brings week-winning potential. (Harmon 2)

Pick 113: Damien Harris, NE, RB45 — Many are saying I haven't approached this mock draft with the deadly seriousness such exercises deserve. Here's the pick to prove those haters wrong. Harris obviously benefits if Sony Michel never gets right. (Behrens 1)

Pick 114: Drew Brees, NO, QB9 — Brees is an all-time quarterback coming off one of his best and most efficient seasons. And a decent portion of the fantasy community has written him off. Fine with me. As you might have noticed, his three top receiving weapons were picked days ago in this draft. If we're right about Kamara, Thomas and Cook, then Brees is gonna be just fine. (Behrens 2)

Pick 115: Carson Wentz, PHI, QB10 — Wentz has been a target player of mine all summer. Tickled to snag him in the 10th round. With a replenished receiving corps and a refreshed o-line the fourth-year QB is fully break-out bound. (Loza 1)

Pick 116: Dion Lewis, TEN, RB46 — The Titans are expected to ride Henry for much of the season, but Lewis is still an excellent pass-catcher (3.7 catches/gm, RB9) who can juke his way past defenders (62 evaded tackles, RB10). A few 100-yard efforts aren't out of the question. (Loza 2)

Pick 117: Justin Jackson, LAC, RB47 — If Gordon's situation isn't resolved in a timely fashion, Jackson is the elevated backup to target. Forced a missed tackle 20.0% of time in limited action last year. (Evans 1)

Pick 118: Trey Burton, CHI, TE11 — More gummy than grizzly, Burton didn't live up to the hype in 2018 ... or did he? Actually finished TE6. Think 60-600-6 is reachable. (Evans 2)

Pick 119: Kalen Ballage, RB48 — Because this is a slow draft, I'm able to capitalize on recent news coming out of Miami. Ballage has a chance to win the featured job in this backfield. Then again, if you're a starter on this offense, have you really won anything. (Pianowski 1)

Pick 120: Vance McDonald, TE12 — Generally you should draft primarily to help yourself, not to shaft your opponents. But I guess I can't resist the chance to shaft the Evans team that doesn't have a tight end yet (The Noise got me with some earlier picks, notably the Lockett-Woods exacta). McDonald looks like a star when you catch him on the right day, but he needs to stay on the field, too. Famous last words about many historical tight ends. (Pianowski 2)

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