ESPN’s Matt Miller evaluates Caleb Williams and Chicago Bears

The extent to which Caleb Williams will fit the Chicago Bears is an evolving topic. This is a very fluid point of discussion. If you have been following the constant stream of media coverage of this subject, you know it has continued to come up from various angles and vantage points.

How will Caleb Williams operate within the framework of the Bears’ offense? Part of this question involves speculation about how often Caleb will use his legs in the NFL. Caleb wants to throw the ball down the field. He didn’t run all that much in the 2023 season at USC. This might be partly motivated by a desire to not take too many hits, but Caleb really does look for chances to push the ball vertically. It does seem to be the way he wants to play. However, we have seen that when Caleb wants to turn on the jets, he can do that.

Here’s ESPN’s Matt Miller on Caleb Williams and the style of play he will bring to the Bears.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire