Ryan Garcia defeats Devin Haney by majority decision: Round-by-round fight analysis

Devin Haney, left, and Ryan Garcia, right, face-off during a promotion at the Empire State Building in New York City on April 16, 2024.

Ryan Garcia knocked down Devin Haney three times and won their much-anticipated fight by majority decision Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Garcia, a heavy underdog, rocked Haney with his patented left hook on each of the knockdowns in their 12-round super lightweight fight.

"He caught me early but I was sleeping on it. Caught me by surprise," said Haney, who suffered his first defeat.

Haney seemed in control for a portion of the fight. But when Garcia went on the attack, he unloaded punches that caught Haney ill-prepared or Haney was simply ill-equipped.

And by the end, Garcia had the crowd chanting his name.

“Ry-an! Ry-an!’’

Garcia’s stunning victory came after months of erratic behavior and outlandish claims, such as he’d conjured up demons.

“Come on guys, you really thought I was crazy?’’ Garcia bellowed during his in-ring interview after the fight. "You guys lost your own mind," he told the cheering crowd.

Garcia scored knockdowns in the seventh, 10th and 11th rounds with his left hook. He landed that vicious punch in the first round and rocked Haney.

“I just knew I had control after that,’’ Garcia said. “It’s hard to recover from big shots. You know, maybe my conditioning wasn’t my best, but at the end of the day I got the job done.’’

Garcia improved to 25-1 and Haney fell to 31-1.

Why was Ryan Garcia turning his back?

Garcia repeatedly turned his back to Haney, especially in the corners, in what looked like a defensive posture.

“I don’t know,’’ Garcia said when asked about the move. “I have ADHD, so I just start doing random things."

Initially, it seemed to confuse Haney. But he just pounded away on Garcia’s unprotected back. But Garcia was protecting his face and the front of his body.

“I thought the ref let him turn his back … a little too much,’’ Haney said.

Ryan Garcia lashes out at media

During the in-ring interview, Garcia grew angry and appeared to target the media.

“You guys hate on me because I’m pretty and (expletive),’’ he said. “At the end of the day, I’ve been boxing all of my life and all I do is love God and try to help the children and you guys straight hated on me. You guys do not love the truth.’’

But rage did not rule Garcia after the fight.

“I need a shot of beer, or like alcohol or something to get my mind going,’’ he said at one point. “You feel me? I’m just kidding. Man, can’t you guys take a joke, man?’’

Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney result: Ryan Garcia defeats Devin Haney by decision

Ryan Garcia knocked down Devin Haney three times and won their much-anticipated super lightweight fight by majority decision Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The judges scored it 112-112, 114-110 and 115-109.

Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney round-by-round fight analysis

Round 1: Garcia strikes with a couple of blows. A big left hand by Garcia. Haney rocked! Another left and combo from Garcia. Haney fires back with a right. More punches from Garcia. Garcia unloading. Haney steadies self as the round closes. Garcia 10, Haney 9.

Round 2: Haney strikes early. A couple of wild lefts from Garcia. Haney methodically using his left. Garcia no longer freewheeling. Looks measured now. Surely there’s more power to come. Haney lands a big right. Garcia strangely inactive. Now delivering again. Haney strikes. Big hook from Garcia misses. Garcia 19, Haney 19.

Round 3: Garcia with an overhand right. Glancing blow. Garcia unloading again. Nothing lands. Yet. Garcia lets the left fly again. Haney connects. Tangled up. Haney using his jab, and looks cautious of Garcia’s power. Haney tags Garcia. And again. Garcia looks angry. Haney looking in more control. Haney 29, Garcia 28.

Round 4: Garcia now more aggressive. Opening up. But the fighters are getting tangled up again. Haney now stalking. Garcia trying to hide behind his left shoulder. There’s no hiding from Haney. Haney lands a sharp left. Now Garcia connects with a right. An inactive Garcia backpedaling. Haney 39, Garcia 37.

Round 5: Haney firing jabs. Garcia unloads punches, none of which land. Haney appears to be in control. Another missed right hand from Garcia and a headlock. That first round seems light years ago. Crowd booing. Now Garcia lands a right and grabs Haney around the neck. Fighters separated. Haney showing some apprehension. Haney 49, Garcia 46.

Round 6: Garcia looking more aggressive. A big right. Lands a left. Haney could be in trouble. Garcia clearly has the superior power. Haney quickly reasserts control. Haney pounding on Garcia in the corner. Warned for hitting Garcia in the back, but it’s Garcia who’s ducking as Haney approaches. Crowd booing again as fighters grow inactive. Haney 58, Garcia 56.

Round 7: Haney bulls Garcia into a corner. But back out they come. Garcia lands a left. Down goes Haney! Looks wobbly. Haney’s back on his feet and Garcia is on the attack. Referee deducts a point from Garcia for a late hit coming out of a clinch. Haney down again, ruled a slip. Craziness. One knockdown. Haney on the canvas twice more and ruled slips. Haney wobbling, exhausted. Haney 66, Garcia 65.

Round 8: Garcia looking for the knockout blow. Has Haney in the corner, but referee sets him free. Haney surprisingly lively. Pace slowing. Lots of energy expended. Haney throwing rights that lack zip. But he’s more active than Garcia. Haney 76, Garcia 74.

Round 9: Garcia doing lots of turning his back as Haney approaches and absorbing left hands from Haney. The duck-and-back turn is Garcia’s signature move. Garcia back on the attack, landing big shots. But just a burst. Haney 86, Garcia 83.

Round 10: Garcia lands with a right, then a left. And down goes Haney again! He makes the count. Garcia on the attack again. Connecting, but both fighters looked tired as they clinch. Garcia still using this unconventional strategy – turning his back on Haney. Another Garcia left. Staggered. A barrage of punches. Haney trying to hang on. Haney 94, Garcia 93.

Round 11: Haney opens with two lefts. Neither land, but he looks alert. Garcia measuring Haney, looking to load up. Now Haney just holding off after Garcia lands a glancing blow. Tangled up again. Big right from Garcia. Lands left. Down goes Haney again! For the third time! Makes the count. Garcia pushes Haney through the ropes. Back in the ring. “Ry-an, Ry-an,’’ chants come from the crowd. Garcia 103, Haney 102.

Round 12: Garcia and Haney willing to exchange punches. Know it’s a critical round. Garcia turning his back again. Now at center of ring. Haney working on wobbly legs, but lands a jab. Garcia looking for the KO punch, or cruising? Garcia sticking his tongue out at Haney and throwing jabs. Garcia 113, Haney 111.

Ryan Garcia's ominous words

During a quick interview before heading to the ring, Garcia said on the DAZN broadcast of Haney, “I’m willing to kill this man if I have to, with all due respect. ... I just don’t leave this ring without his head.”

And, yes, Garcia wore a crown as he walked from his locker room to the ring.

Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney: all about the music?

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney working with different vibes as the fight approaches.

What time is the Ryan Garcia-Devin Haney fight?

The main card starts at 8 p.m. ET. Ring walks for Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney are estimated to start at 11 p.m. ET.

How to watch Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney

The boxing match can be viewed on DAZN ($69.99 with a subscription) and ($79.99, no subscription required).

Mike Tyson in house for Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney

Tyson drew loud cheers as he headed to his seat. Scheduled to fight Jake Paul July 20, he’ll be watching Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney not quite from ringside.

Dressed in all black, Tyson settled into a seat a row behind at least one other row of apparent VIPs. He didn’t look particularly bothered either.

Ryan Garcia has guests in locker room: A string quartet

What does the fighter who may have guzzled a beer at weigh-in do for an encore?

Ryan Garcia has brought a string quartet to the locker room.

Arnold Barboza Jr. def. Sean McComb

Arnold Barboza Jr. won a split decision over Sean McComb, and the judges’ decision drew boos after the 10-round super lightweight fight.

“Shout out to Sean McComb,’’ Barboza said. “Tough guy.’’

McComb kept Barboza off balance with his long arms and footwork. But Barboza did land punches in close quarters and stayed undefeated at 30-0.

One judge scored it 98-92 in favor of McComb, the 31-year-old Irishman. A second judge scored it 96-94 and the third judge scored it 97-93, both in favor of Barboza.

Round 1: Lots of jabs, and McComb seems to have landed the most. But Barboza responds with two straight rights, but here’s McComb finishing up the round with more jabs. McComb 10, Barboza 9.

Round 2: Barboza more aggressive, and McComb countering with the jab. Barboza’s throwing with more power, he’ll have to land more cleanly to score. Barboza looking for room to strike. But McComb mostly fending him off with the jab. McComb 20, Barboza 18.

Round 3: McComb keeping Barboza off balance. And he’s left an abrasion under Barboza’s left eye. How long can he do it? Barboza now connecting, landing to McComb’s body. But McComb stays slippery. McComb 30, Barboza 27.

Round 4: McComb comes out bouncing and bobbing and moving and … Barboza looks befuddled. Barboza and McComb exchange solid punches. Pace slowing, possibly in favor of Barboza. McComb 40, Barboza 36.

Round 5: McComb sticking with game plan – jab, jab, jab. Firing a left too. Barboza closes the distance but looks wary of McComb’s jab. Now it looks like Barboza has an abrasion under his left eye, but landed heavier punches. McComb 49, Barboza 46.

Round 6: McComb’s got more than a jab. Now he’s unloading combinations. McComb’s height advantage has emerged as a serious issue for Barboza, who has no answers at this point. McComb 59, Barboza 55.

Round 7: McComb wielding those long arms with expertise. Has been able to land with either hand. Barboza lands a heavy right, then more. But nothing’s coming easy for Barboza. McComb 68, Barboza 65.

Round 8: McComb making good use of his jab again, and Barboza’s looking for openings. Crowd booing. Maybe getting as frustrated with McComb as Barboza is. But McComb fighting effectively. McComb 78, Barboza 74.

Round 9: Barboza looks tentative even though he’s clearly trailing on the cards. No urgency. It’s McComb who’s initiating much of the action, with both hands. Feinting, juking, bobbing, weaving, McComb in control. McComb 88, Barboza 83.

Round 10: Sounds of singing Irish fans. McComb, the Irishman, has given them reason to celebrate. Now McComb bleeding over the right eye. Barboza picking up the pace, but way too late. McComb 97, Barboza 93.

Bektemir Melikuziev def. Pierre Dibombe

Two accidental headbutts turned the ring into a gruesome sight, with Bektemir Melikuziev of Uzbekistan and Pierre Dibombe of France each bleeding from cuts above an eye.

A ringside doctor halted the super middleweight fight shortly after the eighth round began, and Melikuziev beat the previously unbeaten Dibombe by unanimous decision.

The judges scored the fight 79-73, 79-73, 78-74 in favor of Melikuziev.

Melikuziev improved to 14-1 and Dibombe fell to 22-1-1.

Round 1: Melikuziev threw plenty of punches but it was hard to tell what landed. Dibombe was bleeding badly from his right eye as the round came to an end. It was ruled an accidental headbutt, according to the DAZN broadcast. Melikuziev 10, Dimbobe 9.

Round 2: With less than a minute left in the round, it’s stopped so a doctor can inspect the cut over Dibombe’s eye. Looks awful, but he wants to continue and so he does – landing punches too. Melikuziev 19, Dibombe 19.

Round 3: Essentially fighting with one eye, Dibombe is a warrior, throwing punches and landing a few. But Melikuziev looks in control, and he’s not going to help Dibombe protect that right eye. Melikuziev 29, Dibombe 28.

Round 4: Dibombe lands a big right. But Melikuziev isn’t shaken. He stays on the attack. Some good exchanges here, and now Dibombe draws blood from Melikuziev’s nose and left eye. May have been another accidental headbutt. Melikuziev 38, Dibombe 38.

Round 5: Melikuziev scores a knockdown even as Dibombe protests. But he's quickly up and ready to go as the scene turns gruesome. Now both fighters are bleeding profusely from an eye. A ringside doctor inspects Melikuziev’s cut left eye and lets the fight continue. Melikuziev closes out with a flourish. Melikuziev 48 Dibombe 46.

Round 6: Action is slowing. Melikuziev has not been able to maintain his momentum from Round 5. But Melikuziev the aggressor. Melikuziev 58, Dibombe 55.

Round 7: In close range, but nothing to write home about. Or to write to you about, dear reader. A solid combo from Dibombe. But now Melikuziev bullies Dibombe into the corner. Melikuziev unloaded punches, but Dibombe’s landed with more force. Melikuziev 67, Dibombe 65.

Doctor halts the fight after the seventh round because of the cut under Melikuziev's eye opened by an accidental headbutt.

David Jimenez def. John Ramirez

David Jimenez of Costa Rica bloodied and battered American John Ramirez and won their 12-round super flyweight fight by a unanimous decision.

Jimenez routinely charged out of the corner and took the fight to Ramirez. He absorbed shots, but dished out more, leaving Ramirez bleeding profusely from the right eye.

The judges scored it 117-111, 117-111, 116-112.

Round 1: Ramirez falls to the canvas after Jimenez bulls into him. Might have been worth something in the Octagon. Back on his feet, Ramirez looks unshaken. Ramirez 10, Jimenez 9.

Round 2: Jimenez more active now and landing punches. Fighters look content at center of ring, trading punches. Ramirez looks like stronger fighter, but Jimenez not backing away. Ramirez 19, Jimenez 19.

Round 3: Jimenez lands a solid left – and throwing it again. Ramirez steadying himself behind his jab. Jimenez outworking Ramirez. Now Jimenez showboating. Ramirez catches him late. Jimenez 29, Ramirez 28.

Round 4: Punches flying. Both fighters still willing to trade at the center of the ring. Ramirez might be getting the better of these exchanges. Jimenez has Ramirez on the ropes, digging in. Ramirez turns the tables and begins landing his own punches. Jimenez 39, Ramirez 37.

Round 5: Jimenez looks like a marionette. Trying to keep Ramirez off balance with the awkward movement. But now it’s back to crawling. Jimenez delivering combos, striking the body and head of Ramirez, who responds with effective counterpunching. Jimenez 48, Ramirez 47.

Round 6: Jimenez charges out of his corner, setting the tone. Initiating the action, and there’s lots of it. Ramirez in control for a stretch. But Jimenez works Ramirez back onto the ropes again. Whenever they go, it’s Jimenez who’s the more active fighter – and he finishes with a flurry. Jimenez 58, Ramirez 56.

Round 7: Might as well move these guys inside a phone booth. Jimenez wants to close the distance and Ramirez obliges. Maybe take it to a back alley. Both have landed their fair share of punches. Jimenez 67, Ramirez 66.

Round 8: Ramirez to self: “Will this guy ever run out of energy?’’ You gotta wonder, as Jimenez is forcing the action yet again. Jimenez showboating again, a sign he’s got plenty of fuel in the tank after getting the best of Ramirez in that round. Jimenez 77, Ramirez 75.

Round 9: Surprise, surprise. Here they are trading blows again. When does exhaustion set in? Jimenez just pounding on Ramirez during the final 15 seconds of that round. Jimenez 87, Ramirez 84.

Round 10: Jimenez has blood on his back. It belongs to Ramirez. Jimenez the cleaner fighter and the fresher fighter. Ramirez trying to bull his way into Jimenez, who’s all too glad to tangle in close quarters. Jimenez 96, Ramirez 94.

Round 11: Lots of grappling. Things devolving here. But Jimenez finding space to throw punches. Stalking now. Has Ramirez in the corner. Jimenez 106, Ramirez 103.

Round 12: Jimenez has Ramirez in the corner again. Largely been the aggressor for 12 rounds. Ramirez landing, but Jimenez fires right back. Now Ramirez bleeding profusely from his right eye. Face covered with blood. Jimenez wearing Ramirez’s blood and finishing strong. Jimenez 116, Ramirez 112.

Main card begins: Charles Conwell def. Nathaniel Gallimore by TKO

Charles Conwell hadn’t fought in more than a year.

There was no sign of ring rest Saturday, when he stopped Nathaniel Gallimore by TKO in the sixth round of their super welterweight bout.

Gallimore failed to capitalize on his reach and instead ate a barrage of punches from Conwell. The referee waved off the fight with 2:08 left in the sixth round.

Conwell landed 136 punches compared to 39 punches for Gallimore, according to the DAZN broadcast.

Conwell, who’s signed with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, improved to 19-0 with 14 knockouts and Gallimore fell to 22-8-1.

Round 1: Fighters measuring each other, trading jabs in the center of the ring. Conwell stalking now. Conwell lands a right to Gallimore’s ear. Lands two hard body shots. Conwell 10, Gallimore 9.

Round 2: Conwell on the offensive again, but nothing big landing yet. An uppercut from Conwell. Conwell unloading now, but only for a burst. Gallimore trying to use his jab and reach advantage to keep Conwell at bay. Not working. Another barrage from Conwell to close out the round. Conwell 20, Gallimore 18.

Round 3: Gallimore firing an effective jab, but probably won’t be enough to slow Conwell. In fact, it’s not. Conwell unleashing a furious flurry. Gallimore bleeding from right eye, mouth and nose. Conwell just pounding away. Conwell 30, Gallimore 27.

Round 4: Gallimore has taken a beating, but he’s at the center of the ring, firing jabs. Good stretch here for Gallimore, cornering Conwell and landing body shots. Hard right from Conwell. Conwell 40, Gallimore 36.

Round 5: The pace is slowing down now. Well, wrote that too soon. Conwell pounding away. Gallimore absorbing the punches and bleeding. Conwell is relentless. Conwell 50, Gallimore 45.

Round 6: Conwell firing from the outset. Gallimore lands a good left – a pebble amidst Conwell’s boulders. It’s over. Referee stops the fight with 2:08 left in the sixth round. Chares Conwell is the winner by TKO.

Claressa Shields on weight advantage for Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia came in three pounds over the contracted weight of 140 pounds. Will that make a difference in his bout against Devin Haney? Claressa Shields doesn't think so.

"I don’t think that weight makes a difference. It may give him a little more energy or what not. Or not being drained. But he’s still going to fight the same. So I don’t think it’s changing nothing," Shields said.

Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia predictions 

Predictions from select boxing writers and fighters:

Robert Segal, Boxing News 24: “Even if Haney is planning to fight in a toe-to-toe fight, once he tastes Ryan’s power, he’ll change his mind about that and revert to the safety-first style we saw him use in his last four fights.’’

  • Prediction: Haney by a one-sided decision or late knockout

Lucky Ngamwajasat, Bleacher Report: “One punch can turn any fight and 'King Ry' definitely has the arsenal to catch Haney if he isn't careful. However, the smart money here says Haney keeps Garcia at arm's length and cruises to victory.

  • Prediction: Haney by unanimous decision

Josh Peter, USA TODAY: "With Ryan Garcia’s erratic behavior, I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst."

  • Prediction: Haney wins after Garcia is DQ’d in the 8th round.

Claressa Shields told Fight Hub TV, “It’ll be entertaining. Like you’ll see Ryan go out there and be flashy and throw his combinations and be sharp and long and stuff. But I think that Devin is just the better boxer and he’ll be able to make Ryan run into some things and I think it’ll be a unanimous decision for Devin.”

Canelo Alvarez told Fight Hub TV he thinks Garcia will win “if he’s 100 percent.’’ But Alvarez also said, “The people around him need to help him. So, I feel a little sad for him because he needs to have a good person, good people around him.”

Shane Mosley told Fight Hype, “I would say Devin has the bigger advantage, meaning he’ll be able to outbox, move around and understand Ryan. But at the same time … Ryan does have a big left hook and a big punch.”

Shawn Porter said of Garcia on his podcast, “I think he’s going to come to the ring comfortable against Devin, confident against Devin. You got (trainer) Derrick James in the corner now, so they’re working fundamentals and basics.”

Adrien Broner said, “My brother say he got a $1 million that Devin win this fight tonight. And if I had money like I had back in the day, I’d probably put my $1 million with H too. But taking that I only got $13, I like Ryan for the knockout. I like my odds. I got to triple this (expletive) up."

Devin Haney's mom responds to Ryan Garcia 

During a promotional event at the Empire State Building, Garcia repeatedly barked in Haney’s face, “Where’s you mom, (expletive)?’’

Haney violently shoved Garcia in the face and neck.

But it didn’t end there.

Later, during a conversation that aired live on X, formerly Twitter, Garcia said he’d heard that Haney’s father, Bill, had “pimped out’’ Haney’s mother.

Then on Thursday, with the two boxers on the stage for the final press conference, Garcia asked, “Where’s your mama? Oh, I’m going to go flirt with your mama. …I want some of your mama.’’

Haney’s mother was in the audience.

And when someone approached her after the press conference, she said of Garcia, “I’ll bite the (expletive). I’ll bite him.’’

Sergiy Derevyanchenko def. Vaughn Alexander by unanimous decision

In a sterling display of accuracy and skill, Derevyanchenko outclassed Alexander with endless combinations of punches in the 10-round super middleweight fight. The Ukrainian fighter dropped Alexander to the canvas with a left hook to the body in the eighth round.

In the 2023 Fight of the Year, Derevyanchenko lost to Jaime Munguia by unaminous decision in a 10-round battle. But his bout against Alexander was a 10-round highlight reel.

The Ukrainian improved to 15-5. Alexander fell to 18-11-1.

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney fought as amateurs 

The fight on Saturday will not be the first meeting between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney.

They faced off four times as amateurs and each won twice, according to BoxRec. (Oscar De La Hoya, the co-promoter of the Garcia-Haney fight, and others have said they’ve fought six times as amateurs and that each fighter won three times. De La Hoya touts the eminent bout Game 7.)

Well, it was game on at the 2014 USA National Junior Championships when Garcia and Haney fought as 14-year-olds in the final at 125 pounds.

Here’s footage of that fight:

Darius Fulghum def. Cristian Olivas by TKO

Fulghum, who has a nursing degree from Prairie View A&M, is focusing on his boxing career and it’s paying off.

He pounded Olivas with a barrage of punches and a flurry in the fourth round led the referee to wave off the super middleweight fight.

Fulghum, 27, improved to 11-0. Olivas, 32, fell to 22-11.

Jonathan Canas def. Markus Bowes by unanimous decision

Canas, a 6-foot righty, capitalized on his reach advantage against the 5-6 Bowes. Not only did Canas, 22, use his jab effectively, but he also landed plenty of strong rights in their four-round super lightweight bout.

Canas improved to 4-0 and Bowes fell to 2-6.

Amari Jones def. Armel Mbumba-Yassa by TKO

Jones, part of Devin Haney’s stable, knocked Mbumba-Yassa in the sixth round. Soon after the referee later waved off the Super Middleweight  fight that Jones dominated from the outset.

Jones, 31, improved to 12-0. Mbumba-Yassa, a native of The Republic of the Congo who had fought only 13 days earlier, fell to 10-2-1.

Who decides if Ryan Garcia is mentally fit to fight?

Whether Ryan Garcia is mentally fit to fight Haney ultimately is a matter for the New York State Athletic Commission to decide. And this week, as Garcia’s erratic behavior has continued, well regarded boxing analyst Teddy Atlas said he was “disappointed” with the state athletic commission.

“There’s only one reason we have commissions, to ensure the welfare and health of a fighter going into a ring, to make sure that mentally and physically, they are of good, sound mind and body,” Atlas said on his podcast, “The Fight with Teddy Atlas.” “I don’t know that you can say that about Garcia if you didn’t evaluate him with the right people.”

Garcia has said he underwent psychological evaluation and passed.

In a statement provided to USA TODAY Sports, the commission said it will not comment on “the specific medical testing and evaluations of any particular person.”

The commission also said it “has broad authority to assess the medical fitness of professional athletes (mental and physical health included), and engages in a thorough case-by-case due diligence process with every professional athlete based on their personal medical history and circumstances prior to their participation in competition. No match is held until the professional athletes are found medically fit for competition.”

Kevin Newman II def. Eric Robles by TKO

With Roy Jones Jr. in his corner, Newman scored a TKO in the fourth round of their cruiserweight bout.

Newman dropped Robles with a flurry of punches earlier in the fourth round, then landed a hard right that left Robles on his knees. The referee promptly waved off the fight.

Newman, 32, improved to 15-3-1 and Robles, 32, of Mexico fell to 9-4.

How much does Ryan Garcia weigh? 

At the weigh-in on Friday, as Ryan Garcia stepped on the scale, he guzzled what appeared to be a beer. On a video he shared on X, formerly Twitter, Garcia wrote that it was "100 percent worth it." But he later posted a message that said, "Apple Juice and sparkling water HEHE."

What was indisputable: Garcia weighed in at 143.2 pounds.

There was no such drama with Devin Haney, who weighed in at 140 pounds.

And because the two boxers made a pre-fight bet – Each would owe the other $500,000 for every pound they were over the 140-pound contracted weight – Haney found himself $1.5 million richer.

Shamar Canal def. Pedro Borgaro by unanimous decision

Trained by Devin Haney’s father, Canal knocked down Borgaro in the third round and was in control throughout the six-round, lightweight fight.

Canal, 21 and signed to Devin Haney Promotions, improved to 8-0. Borgaro, an 18-year-old from Mexico, fell to 7-2.

Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia full card 

Here are the bouts on the main card:

≻ Arnold Barboza Jr. vs. Sean McComb, co-main, WBO Inter-Continental Super Lightweight, 10 rounds

≻ Bektemir Melikuziev vs. Pierre Dibombe, WBA Inter-Continental Super Middleweight, 10 rounds

≻ John Ramirez vs. David Jimenez, WBA Interim World Super Flyweight, 12 rounds

≻ Charles Conwell vs. Nathaniel Gallimore, Super Welterweight, 12 rounds

What are the win-loss records for Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney?

≻ Ryan Garcia: 24-1 with 20 KO’s

≻ Devin Haney: 31-0 with 15 KO’s

Tickets for Garcia vs. Haney fight 

As of Friday night, tickets for the fight at Barclays Center were available for $112 and up on Stubhub before fees.

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