Derek Carr throws ball away on fourth down because ... Raiders?

Everything about the Oakland Raiders screams “give up.”

But nothing has personified that on the field quite like quarterback Derek Carr on Sunday.

Derek Carr, not cool under pressure

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Facing fourth-and-5 while trailing the Los Angeles Chargers 20-6 late in the fourth quarter, Carr found himself under intense pressure from a blitz while dropping back for a pass.

With Melvin Ingram bearing down, Carr faced a quick decision. Get rid of the ball or get leveled.

He got rid of the ball.

Instead of putting the ball where there was a semblance of a chance for a first down, Carr just threw it into the grass in the vicinity of running back Jalen Richard.

Why fans continue to support a team that has bailed on Oakland and is actively giving up on and off the field is beyond reason. (Getty)
Why fans continue to support a team that has bailed on Oakland and is actively giving up on and off the field is beyond reason. (Getty)

Smart decision on any other down

It was a decision that makes sense in almost any other situation. But of course with the Raiders facing fourth down, Carr’s throwaway was the equivalent of a lost fumble or an interception. There was zero downside to heaving the ball up for grabs past the line of scrimmage.

The Raiders went on to lose, 20-6, dropping to 1-8 on a long-lost season.

At best, it was a boneheaded play. It’s hard to blame Carr for protecting himself in the situation when head coach Jon Gruden and the Raiders punted on Oakland and the season a long time ago with a roster purge that started with trading All-Pro linebacker Khalil Mack.

But he has to give his team a chance in that situation with a ball that’s in play.

Why do Oakland fans still support this team?

For some reason, fans are still showing up to games in Oakland. This seemed foolish the moment the Raiders made plans to move to Las Vegas.

Then the Raiders completely bailed on their home city by breaking down the roster of what should have been a reasonably competitive team focusing on dreams of a successful Las Vegas rebuild.

Now that players are actively giving up on the field, it’s unfathomable that any fan in Oakland wastes time or money attending Raiders games.

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