Coach Teddy Bridgewater brings Tyreek Hill to Miami Northwestern HS practice

Miami Northwestern’s spring ball has turned from practice into a show with former NFL quarterback Teddy Bridgewater becoming the head coach. Working to train them up from the 4-6 season this current school year, Bridgewater stepped into a scrimmage to man QB last week.

Now, more recently, Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill stopped by the hometown team to see the practice in action and give some tips to the wide receiver room.

Sportscenter Next posted a video to its Instagram channel of Hill on the field with the team, calling out encouragement and dapping up some players. See the video here:

Northwestern faces some of the steepest competition in the nation, seeing teams like Norland and Columbus this coming season. With a one-time NFL Pro Bowler at the helm and visitors like Hill, the players have some mentors who are tough for opponents to match.

Now it’s about putting it together on the field.

We’ll see how the new year and offseason of experience for Div. I recruits like 2026 five-star player Calvin Russell, who has played quarterback and receiver for the offense, and four-star cornerback J’Vari Flowers, will help the team win some more games.

Story originally appeared on High School Sports