Broncos’ decision on Russell Wilson should arrive soon

The Denver Broncos have until March 17 to make a decision on Russell Wilson’s contract, but they are expected to act much sooner than that.

Wilson’s salary for the 2025 season will become guaranteed on March 17, and the Broncos are expected to release him before then. Denver coach Sean Payton has said it’s possible Wilson could remain with the team, but a divorce seems inevitable.

The Broncos will make a decision and act soon, perhaps as early as next week after Payton meets with the team’s owners.

“We go through the combine week here,” Payton said on Tuesday. “Next week — Tuesday or Wednesday — we’ll be in meetings with ownership, and I expect that we’re going to know fairly quickly.

“I said at the Super Bowl but I think more specifically, somewhere in the neighborhood of next week we’re going to [know]. There’s a couple of factors here. Obviously, the cap projections came out and we’re further down the road with the draft class and obviously the pro free agents. I would anticipate it being within the next two weeks.”

Denver will likely make a final decision next week. The team might wait another few days to make a release official (holding out for the unlikely possibility of a trade), but a move will likely be made before the NFL’s free agency negotiating window opens on March 11.

“We want to see the entire landscape,” Broncos general manager George Paton said Tuesday when asked about the team’s QB process. “We had to get through our draft meetings. We had to get through our free agent meetings and evaluate with what we have.

“We just want to get through the process. Sean needs to see all of these quarterbacks and the [other] coaches need to see all of these quarterbacks before we make an informed decision.”

That decision will undoubtedly be a release, which should happen any day now.

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