Breaking down the biggest East Coast commitments this weekend

Commitments are beginning to come in bunches and a wave of announcements hit the Mid-Atlantic this weekend.

Here is a look at the biggest pledges of the weekend from the East Coast.


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Stewart has a skill set that should allow him to be a playmaker at various positions in the secondary. He has a good nose for the ball and does a good job matching up with receivers in man coverage. Stewart’s long arms and good sense of timing help him knock down passes at a very high rate. Ohio State is expected to sign a large class of defensive backs this year and Stewart should fit in well since he’s able to line up in multiple spots.

Ohio State dips back into New Jersey, lands DB Deshawn Stewart


Rutgers is getting a high-potential defensive back in Dorilas. The in-state standout shines on both sides of the ball at the high school level but he’s expected to line up in the secondary once he gets to college. Dorilas has the long arms and closing speed to trick quarterbacks into back throws. He’s more physical than receivers would expect and he uses that to his advantage. Last season, Dorilas hauled in two interceptions while tallying more than 40 tackles.


Jones is an explosive slot receiver who can be a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. Yards after the catch should be a major concern for defenses when Jones gets the ball in his hands. He has a very solid built despite being on the smaller side so he shouldn't have an issue holding up against some of the more physical defenders he'll find at the next level. Jones is the first wide receivers to commit to Ohio State's 2025 recruiting class

WR De'Zie Jones breaks down his commitment to Ohio State


At 6-foot-4, 225-pounds, Sacca has the physical tools to line up at multiple locations on the defense and take on a variety of responsibilities. He began his high school career as a safety and grew into a linebacker but he’s retained his instincts in coverage. With abilities like those, Sacca has the type of skill set that allows defensive coordinators to keep him on the field in almost any situation. He is a strong tackler in the open field and takes good routes to the ball carrier. Sacca consistently fends off blockers using a combination of quickness and strong hands. He’s also an effective blitzer, showing the ability to disrupt the offensive backfield at a high rate. This past season he was credited with 67 tackles and two interceptions.