Bob Huggins hated a ref's call so much that he fell over (Video)

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins had a frustrating Saturday afternoon. His seventh-ranked Mountaineers were upset by Oklahoma State at home, their fifth loss to an unranked team this season.

Huggins apparently became so overwhelmed by that frustration in the second half that he couldn’t even muster the energy to protest a ref’s call. When one of his players was whistled for a charge right in front of the West Virginia bench, Huggins at first threw his hands in the air … and then he just deflated, and collapsed to the floor:

To be fair to Huggins, the call is absolutely incorrect. The Oklahoma State defender is still sliding up and to his right as the West Virginia player starts his move towards the rim, and is even still moving when the contact is made. It should have been a block and two free throws for West Virginia.

But more importantly, the call gave the 63-year-old Huggins a chance to show off his surprisingly spry athletic ability.