Future News: Tevez says he never wanted to leave Man City anyway

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With the collapse of his £40 million return to Corinthians and the possibility of being forced to remain with Manchester City, Carlos Tevez has sensationally announced that he never wanted to leave the club in the first place.

"It was all a misunderstanding. I love Manchester," he told reporters at a press conference near his home in Argentina, forcing a smile and laughing awkwardly.

Despite compromises made by Man City, Corinthians were unable to shatter their current transfer record of £9.4 million from when they first signed Tevez in 2004 to reacquire the Argentine striker. Since no other firm offers have been made, Tevez now faces another season in the city he has disparaged in the recent months.

When asked about the time he said Manchester "has nothing," Tevez replied: "I didn't say that. It was a demon who lives inside my mouth who said that. But he's gone now, so let's not talk about him. I love Manchester. Parts of it. Well, there's a KFC there that I don't totally hate."

On the subject of wanting to play closer to his family in Argentina, he again denied his previous statements, saying "I don't want to be closer to my family at all. I actually don't like them. I make no secret of this. They smell like onions."

With time left in the summer transfer window, Tevez is making it clear that he is still very willing to consider other destinations, though.

"I am not lying about how much I love Manchester at all, but I am still very excited about the possibility of playing for and eventually demanding a move away from a new club. As a footballer, you are always looking for new challenges."

Photo: Reuters