Pass or Fail: Tampa Bay Lightning's new jerseys, logo for 2011-12

After tweeting out this image, the following comparisons were made between these new Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys and logo revealed on Monday for next season and the following:

Toronto Maple Leafs

Detroit Red Wings

The Grateful Dead



The Flash

Flash Gordon

The Incredibles

None are all that incorrect, but calling this logo and jersey derivative is exactly the point: The Lightning are going for a simplistic, iconic look. They want their name to join that list.

GM Steve Yzerman name-checked the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys in revealing these sweaters. If that's the aim, we think they're on target. Ditching the back for blue is a refreshing change as well.

Check out the full gallery of images here from Tampa.

The team also announced every Season Ticket Holder gets a special jersey with a "STH" patch and a special chip in the sweater that will offer discounts on merchandise and record when the wearer is in the arena. Creepy or cool?

Again, maybe the new logo's retro charm -- in both an Original Six and 1950s Sci-Fi way - has us more enamored with these duds than the majority. We'd give'em a pass ... what say you?

Pass or Fail: The Tampa Bay Lightning's new jerseys and logo.