Hockey fan uses melted ice from favorite team's rink for daughter's baptism

Hockey fan uses melted ice from favorite team's rink for daughter's baptism

Hockey fans buying melted arena ice has been a thing for several years now. Teams bottle up the water and sell to their fanbase with proceeds going to charity. That’s really the extent of the arena ice sale process. The little vial then becomes a keepsake and put on display.

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Then there’s Emil Nilsén, a giant fan of Swedish side Leksand. Following the birth of his daughter, Emma-Lisa, he had a unique idea involving his favorite hockey team.

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With permission, Nilsén took ice from Tegera Arena, Leksand’s home rink, melted it, and got his local church to agree to use it for his daughter’s baptism. “The church caretaker looked at me as if I were stupid,” he told Expressen.

Nilsén’s life has been hockey, so it’s no surprise he’s getting his offspring into the act early on.

From The Local:


"My parents met through their fandom around Leksand Superstars [the team’s supporters group] and I also net my wife at a hockey game, so it is a big part of my life," he told The Local on Monday afternoon, as news of the unusual christening went viral.

"I am the kind of person who likes to be creative and go outside the box. I go outside the box so much I don't even remember where the box is any more," he laughed.

Another big event in Nilsén's life took place on Saturday — he proposed to Emma-Lisa’s mother, Therese, and she said yes. Any future children will have the same baptism experience, he said.

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