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Before the Pittsburgh Penguins played their first regular season game at Consol Energy Center on Oct. 8, the Steel City's hockey deity Mario Lemieux blessed the new barn by pouring melted ice (a.k.a. "water") from the team's former home, Mellon Arena, on the Penguins logo in the middle the rink.

Thanks to the Penguins, you too can own a bottle of this mystical substance, which is rarer than unobtainium and beautifully packaged in what appears to be a shampoo bottle from a local Marriott. And it's all yours for only $39.99! From Shop NHL:

Nicknamed The Igloo, Mellon Arena has been home to the Pittsburgh Penguins since 1961. After almost 50 years, it was closed once and for all. On May 12, 2010, the ice from the stadium was melted and then bottled for a one-of-a-kind keepsake that you can now own. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.

Despite its charitable aspects, the sticker price made Mondesi's House bristle a bit:

Whoever is in charge of selling this product has much greater aspirations, because the SRP through the NHL website is a whopping $39.99, plus another $6 for shipping. Who knows how many have actually sold, but if they can get $46 for this, what's the total value of Mellon Arena in terms of memorabilia?

No kidding ... how much would you pay for an actual piece of the Igloo's roof?

[Rewind: New Dallas Cowboys stadium sells $60 pizzas]

The Penguins aren't the first team to bottle melted ice from an old arena, as the Philadelphia Phantoms gave away ice from the Wachovia Spectrum to 5,000 fans in 2009. They're also not the first to sell the sacred ice, as the Philadelphia Flyers have in coaster form for $13.50 (which, admittedly, is pretty damn cool).

But enough kvetching about originality and cost. Let's get to the real issue:

If you, Penguins fan or otherwise, purchased melted ice from Mellon Arena, would you drink it? Even a little sip?

Leahy, a Penguins fan, said, "Hell no, unless Mario blessed it." But overall, we figure ingesting the melted ice is akin to Patrick Swayze encouraging his compatriots to drink the blood of a hunted buck in "Red Dawn": You'll have the spirit of the Igloo running through your body.

If nothing else: It could be the single greatest mixer for a cocktail in hockey history. Pour a little in with Sidney Crosby's(notes) preferred adult beverages (Crown Royal or Jack Daniels or both), and we're thinking you could sell that thing at double the cost of Igloo water in Pittsburgh pubs.  

Stick tap to Adam LaLiberte for the tip.

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