Volcano in Iceland could jeopardize Penn State-UCF game in Ireland

Volcano in Iceland could jeopardize Penn State-UCF game in Ireland

Here’s something you don’t hear every day.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the game between Central Florida and Penn State in Ireland on August 30 “could be in jeopardy thanks to an Icelandic volcano.”


Scientists are concerned that a volcano called Bárðarbunga could erupt after there was a major earthquake in the region. The risk of the volcano erupting “has increased greatly in recent days.” Additionally, Slate is reporting that “the weekend’s heightened seismicity” has resulted in the Icelandic Met Office raising its “aviation color code” to orange, the second-highest level.

Due to Ireland’s proximity to Iceland, flights to Dublin could be impacted due to an enormous cloud of ash if an eruption were to happen. Another volcano in Iceland erupted in 2010 and caused approximately 100,000 flights in Europe to be cancelled.

Travis Johnson of the Centre Daily Times reported that Penn State officials and the Gaelic Athletic Association are aware of the situation. UCF officials are also aware and are “monitoring the situation.”

The teams are currently scheduled to arrive in Dublin on August 27.

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