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  • UAB linebacker Derek Slaughter wore his helmet to graduation

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    UAB’s football program may have been shut down by president Ray Watts, but former Blazers linebacker Derek Slaughter made sure to represent the program at his graduation ceremony on Saturday.

    How did Slaughter do that? He brought his football helmet with him as he walked across the stage to shake Watts’ hand.

    Trying to decide if I should wear my football helmet tmrw when I graduate and shake the presidents hand...

    Ladies and gents I have brought the football helmet to wear at graduation today #freeUAB

    Game time! Time to graduate!! #freeUAB

    While he didn't wear the helmet, Slaughter still brought the helmet up on stage and drew cheers from the crowd at Bartow Arena.

    Another angle makes it seem like Slaughter did not shake Watts' hand, though it's hard to tell for sure.

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  • Boise State QB Ryan FInley arrested early Saturday morning

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Ryan Finley, the favorite to start at quarterback in 2015 for Boise State, was arrested early Saturday morning, according to the Idaho Statesman.

    Finley, a 20-year-old redshirt sophomore, was hit with two misdemeanor charges – minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage and resisting or obstructing officers. No other details of the incident have been reported. 

    Finley was Grant Hedrick’s primary backup as a redshirt freshman last season and completed 12-of-27 passes for 161 yards in five games. He also threw for two touchdowns and an interception.

    He worked with the top offensive unit for most of the spring and started with the first team in the Broncos’ spring game.

    According to the Statesman, Boise State is “aware of the incident and will follow the student conduct policy in accordance with the situation.”

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  • Tennessee WR Von Pearson named as suspect in rape investigation

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    Tennessee wide receiver Von Pearson is a suspect in a rape case, the Knoxville Police Department said.

    According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, the alleged rape occurred “between 3-4 a.m.” at an off-campus apartment and was reported “about 6 a.m. Friday." The alleged victim “identified Pearson as her attacker,” Knoxville Deputy Chief of Police Gary Holiday said.

    No charges have been filed against Pearson, who has been suspended indefinitely by the program.

    According to the Sentinel, six witnesses – including two UT football players – gave statements to KPD.

    “Investigator Colin McLeod was called the University of Tennessee Medical Center about 6 a.m. to investigate a report of a forcible rape, according to the incident report.

    During the initial investigation, KPD investigators took statements from the victim, several witnesses — five men and a woman — and alerted the Sexual Assault Center, according to Holliday.

    The Vols’ spring game is scheduled for Saturday at Neyland Stadium.

  • Cal parts ways with assistant Pierre Ingram following arrest

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    A week after Cal recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach Pierre Ingram was arrested in a prostitution sting, the University announced Friday that his contract will not be renewed.

    “As you are aware, Assistant Football Coach Ingram was placed on paid administrative leave following his recent arrest for solicitation. We are not renewing his contract and he will no longer represent or act on behalf of this University in any capacity,” Cal Athletics said in a statement.

    According to the San Jose Mercury News, Ingram, 30, was arrested on April 16 for allegedly “soliciting an undercover officer online.” Ingram, who was recently named the Bears’ passing game coordinator, showed up at a Motel 6 in Oakland and was arrested on “suspicion of misdemeanor solicitation of a lewd act.”

    Ingram was one of five men arrested in the sting operation. He has a court date scheduled for next month, police said.

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  • Kid who lost to Cardale Jones in 'NCAA Football' wants a rematch

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    Remember back in January when Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones visited a kid in the hospital and beat him 98-35 in NCAA Football ? Well, now that kid – Jared Foley – wants a rematch, but in a different game.

    Hey cardale it's Jared and I'm doing we'll wanted to know if I can get that rematch. @CJ12_

    @bearfoley rematch? You sure? May I remind you....... 98-35, lucky that wasn't on PS4, I really took it easy on you bro

    @MakeHistory_JD @bearfoley bro, you only can say rematch when the game was close, I destroyed him man, go practice Jared

    Instead of NCAA Football, Jared thinks he can get the best of Jones in NHL 15.

    @CJ12_ hey let me know when I can get it and maybe I'll also play you in somthing I can beat you in

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  • ASU's Todd Graham says scheduling weak opponents is 'un-American'

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    Though Arizona State coach Todd Graham thinks progress has been made in college football with the implementation of the College Football Playoff, he still says changes need to be made with the way teams schedule.

    Graham says scheduling should be “equal for everybody,” with all Power Five teams playing the same amount of conference games instead of scheduling mediocre teams to put up easy wins.

    “Everybody should play nine conference games,” Graham said per “Why nine games instead of eight? Because you play one more conference game that your fans want to see instead of scheduling a team that no one wants to see because you’re scheduling wins and don’t want to be out of the four-team playoff.”

    The Pac-12, Arizona State’s conference, and the Big 12 already play nine-game conference schedules and the Big Ten will begin doing so in 2016. However, the ACC and SEC have relented and will continue with an eight-game conference schedule moving forward, but each team must schedule a non-conference game against another Power Five opponent.

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  • Jameis Winston re-enacts scene from 'Remember the Titans' (Video)

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 3 days ago

    Former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was asked by ACC Digital Network to re-enact a memorable scene from Remember the Titans, so Winston put on his best Coach Boone impression for the cameras.

    He’s not exactly Denzel Washington, but Winston did a pretty good job bringing out the intensity of Washington’s famous locker room speech.

    For comparison, he’s the scene from the movie.

    Cornerback P.J. Williams, Winston’s former teammate at FSU, was brought in for another reenactment, but Winston does most of the work.

    That one wasn’t quite as impressive.

    Both players are preparing for next week’s NFL draft; maybe they can pursue a career in film after their playing days come to an end.

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  • Michigan State unveils new uniforms for 2015 (Photos)

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 3 days ago

    Michigan State unveiled new Nike Mach Speed uniforms for the 2015 season on Thursday. The new uniforms are an update to the Spartans’ classic green and white look, but also included a brand new alternate home jersey.

    Ed Davis, Jack Allen, Shilique Calhoun & Connor Cook model MSU’s new Nike uniforms (Nike Mach Speed) @usnikefootball

    Updated look for Michigan State: New alternate uni inspired by bronze Spartan shields & the phalanx battle formation

    According to a release from MSU and Nike, the new uniforms include “lightweight fabric innovation built for maximum speed, ventilation and comfort” and “three distinct woven mesh fabrics for optimal thermoregulation.” 

    At home, the Spartans will wear green jerseys with the option of either matching green pants, or white pants. Conversely, the team will go with white jerseys and green pants on the road. 

    An alternate home jersey and helmet present a new option for the Spartans. 

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  • Study says canceled UAB football program actually made money

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 3 days ago

    UAB said it made the decision to end its football program (along with rifle and bowling) in November because it could not afford to continue supporting the program. However, an independent economic analysis firm released a study Thursday that claims football actually made money for the university and the decision to terminate the three sports was "ill-advised from a net cash-flow perspective."

    "We find that the three sports in question did not cost the university anywhere near the $3.75 million indicated on UAB's accounting statements," Dan Rascher and Andy Schwarz, partners of Bay Area firm OSKR, wrote. "Instead, after making the sort of adjustments suggested by the economics literature, we conclude that the three sports were effectively break-even to slightly positive. Football and bowling showed a modest positive return for 2013-14, the last year for which complete data was available. Rifle showed a deficit, but the three-sport balance was positive to the tune of $75,000." 

    OSKR responded to the allegations of bias in its report.

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  • Barry Alvarez on Wisconsin's low spring attendance: 'There’s too many things to do in Madison'

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday 3 days ago

    Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said he only expects 10,000 to 20,000 fans to attend the Badgers spring game on Saturday.

    Other Big Ten schools like Ohio State (99,391), Nebraska (76,000), Penn State (68,000) and Michigan (60,000) brought in huge crowds this spring. Why won’t Wisconsin fans pack Camp Randall to see a team that has played in the conference title game in three of the past four seasons?

    According to Alvarez, they might just have better things to do.

    “I just think there’s too many things to do in Madison that we have not – through a number of coaches – been able to generate that type of interest,” Alvarez said per the Wisconsin State Journal.

    Only the south and east sections of the stadium will be open for seating Saturday for Paul Chryst’s debut as head coach. The past four spring games have averaged between 8,000 and 12,000 at Camp Randall, but as long as the stadium is filled when the fall rolls around, the program doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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