Marcos Ambrose redeems himself at Montreal

Marcos Ambrose started last and almost got taken out of the race, but worked his way to the front thanks to a spate of late-race cautions and won Saturday's NAPA 200 Nationwide Series race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Ambrose started at the back because he was in Michigan practicing his Sprint Cup Series car and missed qualifying. After working his way through the field, Ambrose found himself battling for the lead with Jacques Villeneuve (son of Gilles) when Jacques drove into the grass between Turns 1 and 2 and slammed into Ambrose, sending both of them spinning in front of the field.

"A bit of a bonehead move and I don't know what he was thinking," Ambrose said after the race.

Later in the lap, Ambrose got back to Villeneuve's bumper and dumped him, ending Villeneuve's chances.

Ambrose was in position to win at Montreal in 2009 on the final lap, but curb-hopped between turns 13 and 14 (the final chicane on the course) opening the door for Carl Edwards, who got the win. In 2007, Ambrose had the car to beat but suffered at the bumper of Robby Gordon late in the race.

Will his newfound momentum carry over into tomorrow's Cup race? Realistically, Ambrose needs another win and no mistakes to get in. Can it happen for Ambrose with no road course races remaining?