Danica Patrick unveils lucky GoDaddy St. Patrick’s Bristol car

Over the weekend, Danica Patrick unveiled a special shamrock-themed GoDaddy No. 7 Chevy Impala that she'll run in the St. Patrick's Day Nationwide race at Bristol on March 17. Naturally, there will be plenty of merchandising tie-ins, like t-shirts and caps and what have you, and you can find out about it all at the rolls-off-the-tongue website DanicaGoesGreenAtBristol.com. (How on earth was that still available?)

Oh, and George Wendt (Norm from "Cheers," for you young'uns) will be the host of the Bristol St. Patrick's Day Race. The creek near the property will be dyed green, and the track will feature green lights in the evening. Hit the Bristol website for more info on how to get tickets and special deals.

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