Is Vinny better than Nog in jiu-jitsu? You be the judge

The dust-up between Antonio Nogueira and Vinny Magalhaes during last night's episode of the Ultimate Fighter revolved around Vinny thinking that he was better at jiu-jitsu than Nog. Nogueira became interim heavyweight champion due largely in part to his ground game. Vinny won his fight over Jules Bruchez using textbook jiu-jitsu moves. Who is better?

Here is Magalhaes at a BJJ tournament, facing Dan Simmler. You may remember Simmler as the guy who Matt Riddle KTFO in the elimination fights during last season of the Ultimate Fighter. The camera work is shaky, but you get the idea.

This is a collection of Nog's best groundwork in his MMA career, with some stand-up thrown in for fun.

Tell us who you think is better in the comments. The winner will get a chocolate cake with cookie dough icing.*

*Not really. Nog already got that for his birthday!

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