Sophomore compares big game to losing virginity

Cameron Smith

Sometimes, a high school athlete can say something that they quickly wish they had back. Something tells Prep Rally that has rarely been more true than in the case of a Springfield (Ore.) High basketball star who delivered a statement that his parents probably weren't too proud of.

The Springfield High boys basketball team — Facebook

First, let's set up the situation that unfolded. After providing 19 key points in the Millers' 70-65 victory against the South Eugene (Ore.) High Axmen, Springfield sophomore Taylor Travess was asked by Springfield Times reporter Matt Singledecker what it felt like to take over a game.

His response was unforgettable, probably regrettably so for Travess himself:

"It felt like losing your virginity, honestly," Travess said.

Wait, what was that? A high school player comparing a high scoring evening at the gym to a first encounter with, well, that?

Incredibly, that really is what he said. Of course, the fact that Travess is only a sophomore makes the statement all the more absurd or troubling or just slightly disturbing, depending on one's personal views on any number of social subjects. It's not that anyone should expect a sophomore to still have his or her virginity. If they do, that's great. If they don't, that may be fine, too. Regardless, they certainly shouldn't be making loud public proclamations about it.

Needless to say, regardless of reaction, the statement wasn't Travess' finest hour, immediately after a game that clearly was one of his better moments.

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