Folding chair defeats Ryan Madson via TKO

Philadelphia interim closer Ryan Madson(notes) hit the 15-day disabled list on Friday afternoon due to a broken right big toe. Details have begun to emerge about the circumstances that led to the injury, and apparently it's self-inflicted.

(Warning: Violent content).

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Madson injured the toe after he blew a save Wednesday in San Francisco. He said he slipped walking down a flight of stairs leading from the dugout to the clubhouse. He then kicked a metal folding chair. He said he felt like he stubbed his toe, but realized it was worse when he woke up Thursday morning and had difficulty walking.

Was he mad that he couldn't successfully navigate the stairs, or was he upset that he couldn't navigate the tenth inning with a one-run lead? We still don't know. But that folding chair clearly owned Madson, and now he's DL'd.

The Phillies find themselves without one of their bullpen's most reliable options — Madson delivered a 3.13 ERA from 2007-09 — just as one of their least reliable options is returning. Brad Lidge(notes) is back from the DL and he's prepared to serve. If that isn't scary enough, the Philadelphia Inquirer's Matt Gelb speculates that Jose Contreras(notes) is "probably the backup closer to Lidge."

As self-inflicted baseball injuries go, this Madson thing isn't quite on the level of Milton Bradley's(notes) injured-while-arguing episode or Joel Zumaya's(notes) Guitar Hero wrist inflammation, but it's at least second-tier.

Might wanna pick a plush chair next time, tough guy.


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