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In the last regular season episode of The Bandwagon, Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer talk about the NL MVP race and try to make sense of the wild AL West.

For the last regular season episode of The Bandwagon, Hannah and Zach dig in on the incredible season Atlanta Braves OF Ronald Acuña Jr. is having. Not only is he the 5th MLB player to get 40 HRs and 40 steals in the same season, he’s made his own 40-60 club and is working his way towards 40-70.

After that, they try to make sense of an AL West race that is very much still up in the air, partially because the Texas Rangers have once again caught fire. Could it be because of standout rookie OF Evan Carter?

The Seattle Mariners are currently on the outside looking in at the playoff picture, but they’ll have plenty of chances to get back in between now and the end of the season. Unfortunately, they haven’t been playing very well since the calendar turned to September. Could Cal “Big Dumper” Raleigh be their key to finding playoff success again this season?

Finally, the Toronto Blue Jays aren’t in the AL West, but they’re fighting off teams from that division for one of the last AL Wild Card spots. How good are the Blue Jays? A better question might be how good can they be in the playoffs. Are we looking at a repeat of the 2022 Phillies?

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