AI predicts Browns will win AFC North for first time

The AFC North was formed in 2002; since then, the Cleveland Browns have not won the division. They have gotten close before, with a second-place finish in 2023, but they are still speaking their first division title since they won the AFC Central in 1989.

This is Cleveland’s best roster in a long time, so 2024 might be their best shot at breaking the streak. The 33rd Team has been using artificial intelligence to post predictions for each division this season, and their AFC North prediction put the Browns on top with 11 wins.

It is interesting because, in this simulation, the division behind Cleveland finished as follows: 2. Pittsburgh (10-7), 3. Baltimore (9-8), and 4. Cincinnati (6-11). Though I love seeing a prediction that has the Browns on top, I have a hard time thinking Baltimore finishes below Pittsburgh and the Bengals win only six games.

If the Steelers’ questionable quarterback situation plays out well and Joe Burrow stays healthy, the division will be incredibly difficult to win in 2024.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire