2024 NFL Draft: Legendary kicker Robbie Gould on his experience as an undrafted player

The NFL Draft has been essential for the Kansas City Chiefs during their run of success. Over the years, many of the Chiefs’ draft picks have contributed to their Super Bowl titles, but the franchise also has multiple undrafted free agents.

The Chiefs have struck gold with undrafted free agents, like former players Tommy Townsend, Shane Buechele, and Jody Fortson. Tershawn Wharton is still a significant contributor to the defensive line.

Chiefs Wire’s Ed Easton Jr. sat down recently with Chicago Bears great and former 18-year kicker Robbie Gould to discuss his thoughts on going undrafted, which motivated him to a successful career.

“It doesn’t matter when your name gets called or if it doesn’t get called at all,” Gould explained. “It’s all about just getting an opportunity. So some of these guys, sometimes if you go on the later rounds, it’s not even a great spot for you because it might not be a perfect fit for that kid. So to me, it’s if you get an opportunity, whether it be by draft or whether it be a free agent tryout or whether it’s a free agency period for the offseason.”

Former Kansas State defensive back Ekow Boye-Doe was a recent example of overcoming the odds and making the Chiefs’ active roster midway through the 2023 season. As an undrafted free agent, Boye-Doe was cut after training camp but retained on the practice squad and eventually earned playing time due to injuries in Kansas City’s secondary.

“It’s just taking advantage of [the opportunity] and showcasing what you can do and that even though you miss, you can bounce back, and the reality is to compete,” Gould continued. “That’s what you’re [going to] do. If you’re getting drafted, you’re going to compete with somebody, whether it’s yourself or somebody on the roster. You’re competing for that job.

“I was an undrafted guy, so I was just hungrier to make the roster cut a few times. It made me work harder. Sometimes, it’s all about everyone having their own journey, and [enjoying] it. Know that there [are] ups and downs, and hopefully, what you put into it is what you get out of it.”

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach constantly monitors the free agent market in the days after the draft, proving it doesn’t always matter if your name is called.

At the end of the day, players only need to contribute to their team to carve out a role for themselves in the NFL.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire