Nations League 2024/25: What time is the draw and where can I watch?

The Uefa Nations League is back in men’s international football, with the draw for the 2024/25 edition of the tournament set to take place on Thursday evening.

England will be in League B after relegation last time around, meaning the highest-ranked home nations side are Scotland, following their own promotion to League A.

Wales and Republic of Ireland are also in League B, leaving just Northern Ireland in League C.

Here’s everything you need to know, including fixture dates and all the pots ahead of the draw.

What time is the draw?

The Nations League draw takes place in Paris at 5pm GMT on Thursday February 2024.

Where can I watch?

The draw will be streamed live on The Independent will live blog the draw throughout the afternoon build-up and early evening main event.

When will the Nations League fixtures be played?

Matchday 1: 5-7 September 2024

Matchday 2: 8-10 September 2024

Matchday 3: 10-12 October 2024

Matchday 4: 13-15 October 2024

Matchday 5: 14-16 November 2024

Matchday 6: 17-19 November 2024

Knockout round play-off draw: November 2024

Knockout round play-offs: 20-25 March 2025

League A quarter-finals: 20-25 March 2025

Final tournament: 4-8 June 2025

Which nations are in each league and pot?

League A

Pot 1: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Netherlands

Pot 2: Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary

Pot 3: Switzerland, Germany, Poland, France

Pot 4: Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Scotland

League B

Pot 1: Austria, Czech Republic, England, Wales

Pot 2: Finland, Ukraine, Iceland, Norway

Pot 3: Slovenia, Republic of Ireland, Albania, Montenegro

Pot 4: Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan

League C

Pot 1: Romania, Sweden, Armenia, Luxembourg

Pot 2: Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands

Pot 3: North Macedonia, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus

Pot 4: Belarus, Lithuania/Gibraltar*, Estonia, Latvia

League D

Pot 1: Lithuania/Gibraltar*, Moldova

Pot 2: Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein

Lithuania and Gibraltar face a fixture to determine which league they will feature in.