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A few days after he won an NBA championship then gave the two best interviews in the history of people asking other people questions, Ron Artest(notes) went extra Hollywood. He was on TV shows, he released a rap single and he even attended the premiere of the new "Twilight" movie. He was truly living the dream, my friends.

Though it was a little jarring to see Ron-Ron buddying up to America's favorite werewolf, we knew there had to be a reason. Sure, it could have just been that famous people like being photographed, but with Artest, there's always something happening behind the scenes. As you might have expected, the constantly media-aware Artest was angling for a job while also getting his fanboy kicks. From a recent interview in Sacramento, as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews:

On going to the premier of Twilight:

"That was fun. ... I actually went there and it was like right after we won and I was like, probably one of the bigger guys on the red carpet. A lot of people was happy and even the director. It was kind of cool. I love that movie. I love the action."

On whether he's part of Team Edward or Team Jacob:

"I wish I could be in the movie and be like the villain. I want to be the big bad one that just eats everybody. ... I want to eat Edward and Jacob."

I'm not trying to catch Ron Artest in a lie here, but I just checked out the plot summary for the last chapter in the "Twilight" saga and Edward and Jacob definitely don't get eaten. Not to call him out, but I'm not so sure that Ron Artest is an honest-to-goodness Twi-hard. Pssht.

Or maybe Ron Artest was just ticky-talkin' with no regards for what words were actually coming out of his mouth. That has been known to happen every now and then. But if Ron's random spewing lands him a role as king of the werewolves, I'll be first in line to see the thrilling conclusion to this age-old tale of vampire romance. No, not really, but I'd definitely watch his clips online after it has been released on DVD, maybe.

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Ball Don't Lie

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