Video: Drew Gooden gets creative, passes to himself twice

In the annals of NBA creativity, few plays stand out as much as when a player passes to himself off the backboard for a better shot. It's one of Kobe Bryant's(notes) best moves, and Tracy McGrady(notes) made enough self-oops for dunks that they have their own YouTube highlight video.

Drew Gooden's(notes) name is hardly synonymous with the forefront of NBA creativity. However, Wednesday night in Milwaukee's 104-98 win in Toronto, Gooden reached new levels of artistry with an exceedingly rare double-self-alley-oop, a play that scientists have theorized for decades but never actually seen in the wild. It worked, too, with Gooden finishing a lay-up in a sea of several players, some of whom were his own teammates.

Sadly, Gooden was not credited with an assist on this play -- his only dime of the night came on a pass to Earl Boykins(notes) near the start of the second quarter. In our hearts, though, we know that Gooden was the most creative player in the game.

(Via TBJ)