C-a-C: ‘People are about to be saying all KINDS of stuff about you, Dwyane’

Dan Devine

You're on the Basketball Internet today, so you know that NBA referee Tony Brothers is not wrong here. Dwyane Wade's awful Game 3, and his sideline showdown with Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, are dominating discussion on this Friday afternoon.

That's the kind of thing that tends to happen when you're playing terribly — through the first three games of Miami's Eastern Conference semifinal series, he has hit only 18 of 58 field-goal attempts (31 percent), missed all four 3-pointers he's taken, and just had the worst outing of his postseason career — and down 2-1 to the Indiana Pacers, which most of the world remains unsure is really the name of a basketball team.

But apparently, it also ate up some time between Wade and Brothers on the floor Thursday night. What words do you think passed between these two titans? Best caption wins an in-home performance by Brother and Brothers Entertainment. Good luck.

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Winner, Rccostner: World Peace: "You know, if I hold my head like this and close one eye then I can almost see us coming back to win this series."

Runner-up, Tyler: Thunder guard James Harden appeared unfazed by the debut of the Lakers Interpretive Dance Defensive Scheme.

Second runner-up, Brad: It was a good sell, but World Peace ain't no Tommy Callahan.