'You'd rather just deal with the referee on the day' - Antonio on VAR

The Footballer's Football podcast

West Ham striker Michail Antonio wants VAR to be removed from the Premier League, as the panel on the Footballer's Football Podcast reflected on another officiating talking-point in Chelsea's draw with Aston Villa last weekend.

Chelsea had what would have been a late winner at Villa Park ruled out after the video assistant referee recommended a review of the on-field decision to allow the goal.

Antonio said: "I think VAR needs to be binned. In Sweden, they've voted against VAR because they've seen how it's been run in the Premier League and don't want a part of it. They should do a vote to get rid of VAR [in the Premier League].

"I think the clubs would get rid [in a vote]. I think the clubs regret bringing it in, there's no positives on it.

"You'd rather just deal with the referee on the day. There's been more arguments and things going wrong with VAR than when it was just referees."

Antonio also previewed West Ham's match against Chelsea on Sunday, adding: "You don't know what team is going to turn up when it comes to Chelsea. They have quality players but they are hot and cold right now. I'm just hoping they will be cold, and we come away with a nice win and I can get a couple [of goals]."

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