Yasiel Puig flips off Cleveland fans after hitting home run

Baseball fans don’t seem to like it when Yasiel Puig flips his bat, so let’s see how they feel about Puig flipping the bird.

Puig did his best Mr. Met impersonation after hitting a second-inning homer Tuesday night against the Cleveland Indians. You know, the one with his middle fingers.

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After Puig’s two-run homer in the top of the second at Progressive Field, cameras caught the Dodgers outfielder not-so-slyly giving the double bird to Cleveland fans behind home plate. What are the odds that the Indians fans asked Puig how many games the Cavs won in the NBA Finals and he answered “one” with each hand? OK, even I’m not buying that.

Here are the receipts:

At least Yasiel Puig isn't flipping his bat, right? (@WORLDwantsPEACE)
At least Yasiel Puig isn’t flipping his bat, right? (@WORLDwantsPEACE)

After the game — which the Dodgers won 7-5 — Puig said he was getting heckled by Indians fans and owned his mistake:

We’re probably not going to see any #PuigYourFriend tweets tonight. As much as this isn’t a great look for Puig, he’s hardly the first baseball player to make an obscene gesture at fans. Heck, some players have done it to their own fans.

Detroit Tigers outfielder Tyler Collins flipped off the hometown fans last season after he made a bad play and got booed. The most famous instance is ex-Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon, who was suspended seven games in 2014 after a crotch grab aimed at Phillies fans.

Whatever you say about Puig, at least he’s never gone Full Papelbon.

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