Woody Johnson: NFL Network report of "heated argument" with Robert Saleh is "absolutely false"

NFL Network is apparently the enemy of the people (who own it).

Jets owner Woody Johnson has taken a proverbial flamethrower to the media outlet that he partially owns, in the aftermath of a recent podcast claim from Colleen Wolfe that Johnson and coach Robert Saleh had a "very heated conversation" at the league meetings in Orlando.

"All this nonsense about a heated argument between Coach Saleh and me at the League Meeting is absolutely false," Johnson posted on X. "It is yet another irresponsible report from NFL Network. Please disregard."

Wait, what? When else has NFL Network had a report that the Jets regarded as irresponsible? If anything, NFL Media is milquetoast when it comes to controversial topics, because it's owned and operated by the league. That's what made the gossipy pivot to rumor mongering regarding an owner so stunning.

More stunning is Johnson's reaction.

But it's not surprising. In this day and age, any news about you that you don't like is automatically fake. Even if the news is coming from a media company you own.