What exactly was Steve Kerr saying on Sunday?

Jay Busbee

If there’s one thing in America we love more than exalting our heroes, it’s tearing those same heroes back down to the ground with us. The Warriors long ago got all the benefits of idolization, and now we’re all in full shred-down mode. Enjoy playing the role of the NBA’s Patriots, gents!

Steve Kerr has a few things on his mind these days. (AP)
Steve Kerr has a few things on his mind these days. (AP)

So it was with no small amount of glee that NBA Twitter found a little snippet of video that seemed to suggest fissures in the Warriors’ huddle. What, dear reader, do you think coach Steve Kerr is saying right here?

Is Kerr saying, “I’m so f—g tired of Draymond,” suggesting he’s fed up with Draymond Green, his talented but volatile bottle-rocket-without-a-stick? Mmmmmaybe.

Some context here: the Warriors were one minute and 35 seconds away from losing to the Phoenix Suns — the Suns! — at home. There’s nothing in the play-by-play of the game that immediately indicates what might have happened here; the timeout was called by Phoenix, and Green hadn’t done anything that would show up in the box score in the previous minute. Green finished the night with six points, 11 rebounds and eight assists in 31 minutes.

But suggestion’s a powerful thing. Maybe we’re seeing what we want to see. Let’s be honest, we don’t know what Kerr was really saying here. It’s entirely possible he was saying something like, “I’m so f—g tired of dreaming,” suggesting that he has achieved everything he’s ever wanted and realized that mere earthly pursuit of wealth and victory is a hollow and fragile construct, and we should all look to more spiritual growth as a means of personal salvation. That seems kind of deep to talk about during a timeout, but you never know.

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Or maybe he’s saying, “I’m so friendly to dryers, mate,” possibly suggesting a facility with appliance repair we hadn’t known about till now.

Or maybe he’s saying “I’m so freaking torn on Daenerys, man,” perhaps hinting at his conflicted feelings as “Game of Thrones” nears its conclusion.

Or, who knows, maybe he got cut off when he was in the middle of saying “I’m so f—g tired of Draymond not getting the accolades and love he deserves for providing a spark of fire to a team that’s otherwise veering into dangerously self-pitying and overly corporate territory, a team that has more than enough talent to win the title yet again but could torpedo that chance with an over-reliance on self rather than collective.” I mean, you never know.

The Warriors remain the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference by a game and a half over Denver. But if you’re looking for signs, they’ve lost four of their last six dating back to that miracle Dwyane Wade shot, and a loss to lowly Phoenix, last place in the West with just 16 wins, isn’t exactly the mark of a team ready to devour the league’s best. All this means it’ll probably take them six games to clinch the Finals, but still, the cracks are there.


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