Michael Lazarus' Big Board

Big Board Projection FINAL (5:30 PM Eastern). Last Teams in: Notre Dame, Wyoming, Davidson Xavier. First Teams out: Texas A&M, Rutgers, Wake Forest, SMU. New teams in: Richmond, Akron, Cal State Fullerton, TAMU-CC, Texas Southern. Teams out: Texas A&M, Kent State, Long Beach State, SE Louisiana, Alcorn State. Richmond's win is Texas A&M's loss on our Big Board. Xavier keeps the last spot based on the full body of work of the season, even though it's been a terrible final month for the Musketeers.

Last Updated :
1W1. WCC28-41The No. 1 overall seed is a done deal.

S2. PAC1233-44If Kriisa is back for tourney, Wildcats might become the favorite.

MW3. BIG1234-63Easy choice for the 3 spot after Big 12 tourney win.

E4. BIG1227-75Remember it's the whole season -- 10-5 vs. Q1 beats everyone else.
2MW5. SEC26-89Will have to settle for top No. 2.
E6. SEC27-87Everyone talked up Kentucky, everyone slept on Volunteers.

S7. SEC28-613Welp that's enough to drop to the two line.
W8. BIGE30-86Resume is simply stronger than Blue Devils.

3E9. ACC32-710At least Blue Devils will stay out East.
MW10. BTEN29-812Boilermakers keep surviving to get to Big 10 final.
S11. BTEN25-825Loss to MSU had some shades of 2000 Final Four matchup.
W12. BIG1227-108Very solid debut season for Mark Adams.
4MW13. PAC1227-811Came up just a little short vs. AZ, another Final Four run possible.
W14. BTEN26-1014Has put together a VERY solid six weeks.

E15. BTEN23-1015Neither team led by more than 5 in loss to Indiana.
S16. BIGE27-624Well, Friars still rule in close games -- Friday wasn't close.
5W17. SEC28-921Right on 4/5 edge, dropped back down for now.
S18. BIG1222-1216Came up just a little short in Big 12 quarterfinals.
E19. AAC32-62Ok apparently Okla State is now a Q1 win which gives Cougars...1.

MW20. BIGE23-1018Very solid season turned in by Huskies.
6MW21. BIGE21-1148Pirates seem locked on the six seed line.
S22. WCC26-819No shame in getting one of three from the Zags.
W23. SEC22-1220Last-minute losses an LSU staple for 30 years
E24. SEC19-1432Great schedule, but man 13 losses.
7S25. MWC27-834Seemed like every MWC game went to the wire and Broncos prevailed.

MW26. PAC1226-840Trojans need to find nonconference success again.
E27. BIGE19-1350Feels like a gap starts here.
W28. BTEN23-1338Ok Sparty beat someone besides Maryland.
8S29. BTEN20-1223Pretty good season, pretty bad last 11 days.
MW30. MWC25-635Top 3 MWC teams you can pick out of a hat...all very close.
E31. BIGE23-1251No doubt here -- top 8 seed locked up.
W32. ACC29-1017We thought Tar Heels were safer than most, now there's no doubt.
9MW33. OVC31-329Will be curious to see Racers' actual seed after dominating league.

E34. MWC23-930So close to grabbing MWC, fell one point short.
S35. ACC23-1322We were higher on Hokies than most, leaped past a lot of bubble teams anyway.

W36. BIG1221-1333Trying to beat Kansas again proved to be too much.
10S37. BIG1222-134131-point loss will leave a mark.
W38. AAC22-1131Beat Houston and Tigers could jump to a single-digit seed.
MW39. WCC24-1026Beating BYU should end any worry about ending NCAA drought.
E40. BTEN19-1527Everything says Wolverines should be in except for 17-14.
11E41. MVC25-828Held off Drake for MVC title.

W42. BTEN21-1444Knocking off Illinois pulls Hoosiers out of play-in.
S43. ACC26-1147If BC's shot had gone in, Hurracanes might've had to sweat.
MW44. ACC24-1143After further review, Irish still in but it's getting sketchy.
MW45. MWC25-958Trended badly the last few weeks, now gotta sweat a lot.
12E46. A1027-746Still in the field, but winds up in play-in.
E47. BIGE23-1337The last team in, if Rutgers or Texas A&M were here I wouldn't argue.
W48. AEAST28-656Emphatic title-game win.

S49. CUSA27-849Blazer profile decent enough to hold onto 12 seed.

MW50. SUMM30-567Was a little tighter than expected vs. Bison.

13S51. A1024-1384Spiders are usually a scary tournament team.

E52. SOUTH27-863Best end-of-game moment to clinch bid so far.

MW53. WAC27-778WAC a little tougher this season, but Aggies still help up well.

W54. BSKY27-8128Big Sky usually overseeded, 13 might make sense this year.

14S55. MAC24-10126Zips snap up MAC bid.

W56. IVY19-12149Held off Princeton for Ivy title.

MW57. PAT23-12124Locked up Patriot league title and might get OK seed.

E58. BSOU26-7131Clinched first NCAA Division I tourney bid.

15W59. BIGW21-11155Just second bid since 2018 for Titans.

S60. SBELT18-11158Panthers third bid in last four tournaments.

E61. CAA22-13134Seeing Jameer Nelson Jr. at PG here makes me feel old.

MW62. MAAC22-12105Finished the job to get the MACC auto-bid.

16E63. ASUN21-11148Gets the auto-bid without despite losing in tourney semifinal.

MW64. MEAC24-7169Pretty certain the play-in has been avoided for MEAC champs.

S65. HORIZ22-14186Just second NCAAs in 15 years for Raiders.

W66. NEC22-10205Conference final was no contest.

W67. SWAC19-13196Earned sixth bid since 2014.

S68. SLAND23-12243First NCAA's in 15 years for Islanders.

Conference Breakdown: America East (1), American (2), Atlantic 10 (2), Atlantic Coast (5), Atlantic Sun (1), Big 12 (6), Big East (7), Big Sky (1), Big South (1), Big Ten (8), Big West (1), Colonial (1), Conference USA (1), Horizon (1), Ivy League (1), Metro Atlantic Athletic (1), Mid-American (1), Mid-Eastern (1), Missouri Valley (1), Mountain West (4), Northeast (1), Ohio Valley (1), Pac-12 (3), Patriot League (1), Southeastern (6), Southern (1), Southland (1), Southwestern Athletic (1), Summit (1), Sun Belt (1), West Coast (3), Western Athletic (1)