Warriors suffer through cold showers after torching Cavs in Cleveland

Cleveland couldn’t cool off Golden State on the court, so it did so in the showers. (Sorry.)

The Warriors upended the Cavs in Cleveland Monday night, 118-108, and then returned to their locker room to find a pronounced lack of hot water in the showers. Journalists on the scene reported players screaming about the cold water and returning to the locker room shivering after just a quick splash.

“Man, they got to do something in The Q,” Kevin Durant called out. “Somebody call Bron!”

The Warriors apparently didn’t take the lack of heat as any sign of disrespect worth fighting over; when you smoke an opponent in their own house, you expect a bit of blowback. And a 13-game winning streak does a fine job of keeping you warm.

There is, of course, a long tradition of visitors’ locker rooms being filthy, inconvenient, uncomfortable, or downright nasty, whether via cramped ceilings, exposed heating ducts, dripping sewage lines, or a location that routes players right past opposing fans. The Warriors know the game, and so do the Cavs; Cleveland wouldn’t return to Golden State until a potential NBA Finals re-re-rematch, but if that happens, Cleveland will be lucky to get anything more than buckets of dirty mop water to bathe.

Kevin Durant was plenty hot on the court and plenty cold in the showers. (AP)
Kevin Durant was plenty hot on the court and plenty cold in the showers. (AP)

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