Warren Moon puzzled by Texans using Oilers color in alternate uniform

The Tennessee Titans announcing they would be donning the Houston Oilers throwbacks in 2023 revived the frustration the Houston Texans and their fans feel about not being able to wear the threads and they simply can’t let it go. Adding fuel to the fire, the Titans wore the uniforms in a game against the Texans last season.

But the Texans don’t have a leg to stand on in the situation. The Titans own the rights to the uniforms and they were literally the Oilers, even after moving to Tennessee.

Oilers greats, including Hall of Famer Warren Moon, have said repeatedly that their own history lies with the Titans, who have honored the franchise and its greats on multiple occasions. Therefore, not even the players who played for the team the Texans are apparently obsessed with want them.

Moon echoed that sentiment during an appearance on “Up & Adams”.

“The Tennessee Titans own that uniform, they own the history of the Houston Oilers,” Moon said. “They had a chance to own it themselves and they didn’t want that ownership, they wanted to create their own identity, which makes sense. They’re the Houston Texans coming in, let’s create our own identity.

“But now because the Houston Oilers uniforms became so popular coming up, they wanted it back. You can’t have it both ways.”

The Texans recently revealed their alternate uniform that will feature a small percentage of “H-Town Blue” on it, which is clearly an homage to the Oilers’ blue, something Houston has permission to use after reaching a compromise with the Titans and NFL.

Moon was puzzled by that design choice, saying that the Texans should “forget about the Houston Oilers” and to stop “harping on that.”

“Why can’t they just stay with what they had?” he asked. “They had a really nice looking uniform the first time. Why do they have to keep harping on that? I don’t understand that, I really don’t. Have your own identity. You have a really good football team right now that won a playoff game last year, they got a chance to maybe go to a Super Bowl this year, just create your own identity. Forget about the Houston Oilers, forget about the Tennessee Titans… I think if they weren’t in the same division, this wouldn’t be as big a deal.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Clearly the Texans aren’t going to let this go anytime soon. In fact, Hannah McNair, the wife of Texans owner Cal McNair, was quite salty in recent comments she made about Tennessee using the threads.

Meanwhile, Titans fans continue to bathe in the tears of the Texans and their fans, which would stop if they simply let it go.

Story originally appeared on Titans Wire