Hannah McNair remains salty about Titans wearing Oilers throwbacks

All you have to do is take one look through Twitter to see how upset Houston Texans fans are that the Tennessee Titans wear Oilers throwbacks and rightly own and celebrate the team’s history, and that’s something that will never change.

We need not look any further for proof of that than Hannah McNair, the wife of Texans owner Cal McNair and the president of the Houston Texans Foundation.

Both recently sat down for an interview in which they were asked about the Texans beating the Titans in Week 15 while the latter was wearing the Oilers throwbacks. Cal tried to take the more diplomatic approach, but Hannah did not hold back on her feelings about things.

“I think Houston liked that game a lot,” she said. “Especially winning that game there while (the Titans) were wearing something that Houston takes a lot of pride in. And, you know, Tennessee doesn’t care as much. It’s not as meaningful to their fans as we saw in a survey 20 or so years ago when they did change to the Titans. The Oilers didn’t mean as much to the Titans fans. So to win there meant a lot to Houston as they were shoving that in our face.”

The only reason Titans fans have as much fun as they do tormenting Texans fans is because of the ridiculous reaction Houston fans have about the situation.

The fact of the matter is, the Texans have nothing to do with the Oilers, and even Oilers greats have said their history lies with the Titans.

It’s time to let it go.

Story originally appeared on Titans Wire