Tom Hanks, Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon, Larry David Join 'Maya & Marty' Premiere

Tuesday's series premiere of Maya and Mary saw a huge stars joining Maya Rudolph and Martin Short. The show opened with a filmed sketch featuring Tom Hanks, who played an astronaut finding increasingly elaborate ways to spend time away from his wife. While Rudolph and Short introduced the show Steve Martin walked on to simply say, "I still wanted to be on your first show but I'm currently traveling in Europe and cannot attend." Jimmy Fallon joined Kenan Thompson in a Little Big Shots parody. Fallon and Short played annoying kids that had terrible impressions. Kenan played a disapproving Steve Harvey whose sole job was to give a confused look into camera. Larry David endured an interview with Martin Short's character and backhanded compliment machine, Jiminy Glick. Glick said, "You have a wonderful smile. It's like getting an email from my grandparents, all caps." Miley Cyrus performed a duet with Rudolph and returned in a sketch set in the beloved children's book Goodnight Moon. Martin Short read the book to Cyrus only to be interrupted by "Karen," played by Maya Rudolph. Karen stopped the bedtime reading to find a man she met at a bar with whom she wanted to "smash." Fortunately, he was found and Cyrus was able to go to sleep.