USA vs Netherlands highlights: Lindsey Horan's killer header and other must-see moments

WELLINGTON, New Zealand Do not make Lindsey Horan mad.

The U.S. captain scored on a thunderous header after a collision with Lyon teammate Danielle van de Donk on Thursday, salvaging a 1-1 draw with the Netherlands and keeping the U.S. women’s national team's hopes of winning Group E alive.

The two-time defending champs can claim the top spot – and a road to the final that likely wouldn’t include England, Germany or France – by beating Portugal and maintaining their plus-2 goal differential against the Netherlands.

The Americans looked deflated after giving up a goal in the 17th minute, the first time since the 2011 quarterfinals they have trailed in a World Cup game. They appeared disorganized and tentative, showing none of the cohesion they had to start the game.

But a hard tackle by van de Donk early in the second half changed everything.

Horan crumbled to the field and was down for several minutes. She was clearly angry when she finally got up. She had words with her Lyon teammate, and the two were pushing and shoving in the box after the USWNT was awarded a corner kick. Even the referee’s attempt to get the two to make nice didn’t calm Horan, who was still muttering when Rose Lavelle lined up in the corner.

Horan got the last word.

— Nancy Armour, USA TODAY Sports columnist

When does the USWNT play next?

The USWNT concludes group play next week vs. Portugal. The game will kickoff Tuesday at 3 a.m. ET in the U.S., which is 7 p.m. in Auckland, New Zealand. Bookmark our World Cup schedule hub so you don’t miss a game.

United States vs. Portugal

Even after getting only 1 point for a tie against Netherlands, the USWNT has an edge to win Group E because of goal differential. The U.S. won its opener against Vietnam 3-0, while the Dutch only beat Portugal 1-0.

That means Netherlands can only win the group by beating Vietnam in its next match and scoring three more goals than the USWNT scores against Portugal.

There can be no letting off the gas for the Americans.

Lindsey Horan World Cup goal vs. Netherlands

Maybe the U.S. women should try to make Lindsey Horan mad before every game. That fight from Horan, and the resilience the young Americans had to show, could end up being a positive for the defending champions. A potentially defining moment, too.

“I don’t think you ever want to get me mad, because I don’t react in a good way. Usually I just go and I want something more. I want to do more for my team and win these games,” Horan said. “We’re going to see more and more of this in the World Cup,” she added. “It’s great for us to have this in the group stage, to feel that kind of pressure and feel such a great opponent. So now we move forward. We learned a few lessons from this game and now we focus on Portugal.”

The USWNT is going to get pushed in the knockout rounds and is going to have to respond, and that isn’t something that can be taught in a video session or replicated in practice. It’s something that has to be experienced, so this game against the Netherlands was actually kind of perfect for the Americans.

The next challenge is for the USWNT to show this kind of grit from the opening whistle. And not need Horan to get in a cage match to spark it.

USWNT vs. Netherlands highlights: Alex Morgan almost scores game-winner

The goals were few and far between. The Dutch scored early and the Americans evened the game in the 62nd minute. It looked, briefly, like Alex Morgan scored a game-winner for the U.S., but the goal was called back for offside.

(Still confused about what offside is? Let us explain.)

USWNT World Cup scenarios, Group E standings after draw vs Netherlands

Because of the USWNT’s awful first half against the Netherlands on Thursday, they have to win or draw with Portugal to ensure a spot in the knockout rounds. Lose, and the Americans could be going home after the group stage for the first time ever at the World Cup or Olympics.

There is a scenario where the Americans could lose and still advance if Vietnam beats the Netherlands and scores at least three goals. Given Vietnam has been outscored 5-0 in its first two games and was eliminated with its loss to Portugal, however, the chances of that are not good.

Which means the Americans need to win. Preferably by a large enough margin they maintain their advantage in goal differential – currently at plus-2 – over the Netherlands so they win the group and avoid the possibility of seeing England, Germany and France before the final.

The World Cup began in 1991, the Olympic tournament five years later, and not once has the USWNT failed to make it out of the group stage. In fact, with the exception of the 2016 Olympics, the U.S. women have gotten to the semifinals or better at every major tournament.

Why did Daniëlle van de Donk wear a swim cap at end of USA-Netherlands game?

Netherlands player Daniëlle van de Donk went viral late in the 1-1 tie after a collision with USWNT midfielder Rose Lavelle left van de Donk with a gash on the side of her head.

When the cut couldn’t stop bleeding, van de Donk reached for an interesting bandage: a swim camp. Videos and photos of her in the cap quickly circulated the internet and social media, leaving many to wonder what the heck was happening.

“It just opened up and it's bleeding too much so I couldn't continue the game without it,” van de Donk said afterward.

“Plus," she added with a laugh, "it’s fashionable."

Who was the USA vs. Netherlands referee?

Yoshimi Yamashita, a Japan official, was the referee during the USWNT’s 1-1 draw vs. Netherlands.

This is Yamashita’s second World Cup in as many years — last summer, she was one of six female referees to work the men’s World Cup in Qatar. The 37-year-old also regularly officiates games in Japan’s J League, the country’s top men’s league. Of course, she’s also one of the women’s games top officials. (This is her second women’s World Cup.)

In the U.S. vs. Netherlands’s game, Yamashita had to break up a heated argument and shoving match between U.S. midfielder Lindsey Horan and Netherlands’ midfielder Daniëlle van de Donk, after a hard tackle from van de Donk sent Horan to the ground in pain. Yamashita called the Lyon teammates together before she allowed the USWNT to take a corner kick.

"(Horan) came over, we just had a little talk," van de Donk said. "The referee came in between us. It wasn’t very necessary. We just played football again after that."

Horan had the last word, scoring on a header on the corner to tie the game.

But if anyone is thinking of putting Yamashita up for the Nobel Peace Prize, don't expect Horan to write the nomination.

"I don't know what (Yamashita) said,” the USWNT captain told reporters, rolling her eyes. “It was too long."

2023 World Cup: USWNT stats

Lindsey Horan has arguably been the most reliable player for the USWNT through two World Cup games, scoring a goal against both Vietnam and Netherlands. Sophia Smith has tallied two goals also, though both of hers came against Vietnam in the Americans’ first win of group play.

Additionally, through two games Smith has notched one assist, as have Alex Morgan and super sub Rose Lavelle.

Against Netherlands, the Dutch finished with just three shots on goal, which impressed USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski.

"That’s a good defense," Andonovski said. "Anyone that can keep the Netherlands on three shots for 90 minutes is pretty good."

USWNT ties Netherlands 1-1 on header from Lindsey Horan

A header from Lindsey Horan in the 62nd minute gave the UWSNT a goal it desperately needed, tying Netherlands 1-1.

Horan had taken a hard foul from Danielle Van de Donk, and was still complaining to the referee about it when Rose Lavalle lined up to take a corner kick. Horan tracked it the whole way and outmuscled several Dutch defenders before burying it with a thunderous header.

The Americans had several other chances over the last 30 minutes, including a goal by Alex Morgan that was waved off for being offside. There was also a screamer by Trinity Rodman that went just wide and a shot by Sophia Smith that was cleared off the line.

Rose Lavelle subs in for USWNT, gets yellow card

Rose Lavelle, the 28-year-old midfielder who had a spectacular 2019 World Cup and scored the winning goal in the USWNT’s 2-0 win over Netherlands in the final, started the second half in place of Savannah DeMelo. The Americans trail 1-0 in the second game of group play.

Lavelle, who also came in as a sub vs. Vietnam, has been sidelined the last couple months with a knee injury. The Americans are hoping that like 2019, she provides a spark on the field.

Minutes into the second half, Lavelle was issued a yellow card for a hard tackle on a Dutch player.

What happens if US loses to Netherlands, are they out of World Cup?

No need to panic just yet. The US-Netherlands game is just the second of group play for the Americans. They’ve got Portugal next week. The top two teams from each group will advance to the knockout round — but the second place spot from Group E is a much tougher path to the World Cup final.

If Netherlands hangs on for a win tonight vs. the USWNT, that makes the game against Portugal a must win.

USWNT trailing Netherlands 1-0 at halftime

The USWNT couldn't equal Netherlands in the first half of play, trailing 1-0 as teams went to the locker room. The Americans look all out of sorts, and the stats aren't encouraging: The U.S. possessed the ball just 33% of the time, compared to 52% for the Dutch.

The Americans have just two shots on goal, while Netherlands is 1-for-1 in that category.

Expect to see multiple U.S. subs in the second half.

Instant analysis from Wellington: USWNT loses composure after early score

The USWNT was playing as well as it has in a long time early in the game. It was finding spaces, connecting passes and probing the Dutch defense, and it was working, with a couple of chances. But the Americans seemed to completely lose their composure after the Netherlands' goal. They looked tentative and disorganized, and they were out of sync when they did have chances.

That said, Sophia Smith was very active in the closing minutes of the half. The Dutch were manhandling her, but if she can shake them in the second half, a goal will come.

— Nancy Armour, USA TODAY Sports columnist

Carli Lloyd questions USWNT's 'heart' vs. Netherlands

Carli Lloyd did not hold back on the team she once played for. Nor did she forget from where she came from.

"I'm going to bring my Jersey bluntness," Lloyd said on the FOX halftime set in Sydney, Australia at the 2023 World Cup.

Analyzing the U.S. women's national team's first-half performance against the Netherlands, which left the Americans in a 1-0 deficit, Lloyd did that and then some: "They look flat," said Lloyd, a member of the last two World Cup winning teams. "I'm questioning their heart." — Chris Bumbaca

Jill Roord goal gives Netherlands early 1-0 lead on USWNT

The Netherlands took a 1-0 lead on the USWNT in the 17th minute after a whole lot of miscues by the Americans. A hard shot from Jill Roord found the corner of the net, just past Alyssa Naeher's hands. It was the Netherlands' first shot of the day.

The USWNT trails in a Women's World Cup match for the first time since the July 10, 2011 Quarterfinal match vs Brazil, according to ESPN.

What time is it in New Zealand?

Wellington, where the USWNT is taking on the Netherlands, is 16 hours ahead of the East Coast of the United States.

World Cup standings

It can be hard to keep up with 2023 World Cup results given the time difference from the U.S., not to mention the different time zones across Australia and New Zealand. But we've got you covered, and you can check the standings right here.

USWNT starting lineup today

We've got the starting lineup for the USWNT's second group game of the 2023 World Cup, vs. the Netherlands, and it's the same as the other night vs. Vietnam.

Here's the full lineup:

Goalkeeper: Alyssa Naeher

Defenders: Crystal Dunn, Naomi Girma, Julie Ertz, Emily Fox

Midfielders: Lindsey Horan, Andi Sullivan, Savannah DeMelo

Forwards: Sophia Smith, Alex Morgan, Trinity Rodman

USWNT game tonight

The United States play their second Group stage game Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET. They face Netherlands.

USA vs. Netherlands predictions

Nancy Armour, columnist: It will be another tight and physical game, as they always are when the USWNT and the Netherlands play. But the USWNT tends to respond when people claim they've lost their edge on the rest of the world, and I expect no different in this game. USWNT 3-0.

Lindsay Schnell, reporter: It’s time for Alex Morgan to join the scoring party, and you can expect the veteran forward to do just that. This game will be a mix of old and new, with both Morgan and Sophia Smith scoring — and I think both will come on assists from Trinity Rodman. USWNT 2-1.

Is Alex Morgan playing tonight?

Yes, the forward is in the USWNT’s starting lineup, and looking to add to her 121-goal total. Morgan missed a penalty kick in the Americans' opener vs. Vietnam, but she's not stressed about it.

USWNT suits

The Americans wore their custom menswear-inspired “business” suits again for Game 2, arriving in style to Wellington Regional Stadium.

Women’s World Cup winners

The 2023 World Cup marks just the ninth time the event has taken place. (The men's World Cup, meanwhile, has been played since 1930.) The U.S. is seeking to become the first team, men’s or women’s, to win three consecutive titles. Germany, which won in 2003 and 2007, had a chance to do that in 2011 but couldn’t pull it off. The U.S. has won more women's World Cup titles than any other country. Here’s a list of every women’s World Cup winner.

  • 1991: United States

  • 1995: Norway

  • 1999: United States

  • 2003: Germany

  • 2007: Germany

  • 2011: Japan

  • 2015: United States

  • 2019: United States

USWNT missed opportunities vs. Vietnam: Why you shouldn’t be concerned

When Sophia Smith has two goals and an assist in her first World Cup game, Lindsey Horan has a highlight reel’s worth of sick passes, and a roster full of newcomers get a much-needed dose of confidence, it’s hard to question the result.

And yet, this is the United States women’s national team. Leave goals out on the field, as the USWNT did several times over in their 3-0 win against Vietnam on Saturday (Friday night in the U.S.), and those watching are going to be picky.

The good thing is, the USWNT isn’t satisfied, either.

Netherlands starting lineup vs. USWNT

The Netherlands will be without two key pieces vs. the USWNT: Forwards Lineth Beerensteyn (ankle) and Vivianne Miedema (ACL) both started for the Dutch in the 2019 World Cup final, which the U.S. won 2-0. Many are looking at the 2023 meeting tonight as a rematch of sorts.

Beerensteyn was injured in the Netherlands' opening game vs. Portugal, a 1-0 win for the Dutch. Miedema, 26, is one of the best players in the world. She tore her ACL in December.

USWNT jerseys and merch

Looking for official the World Cup kits worn by Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and others? We’d recommend visiting the official U.S. soccer online merch store. Our favorite item is definitely the player bag clip — collect all of them and be the envy of all your friends.

USA vs. Netherlands live stream, how to watch

All 2023 World Cup matches, including USWNT games, will be broadcast in the U.S. by Fox, on both its main channel and FS1. It’s also available to stream on and the Fox Sports app. Spanish-language coverage will be on Telemundo.

How old is Sophia Smith?

The USWNT forward, who scored twice in her World Cup debut, is 22 years old and turns 23 on Aug. 10.

USA women World Cup schedule

The Americans are scheduled to play two more group games on the following days and times:

USWNT watch parties near me

Looking for a watch party for the U.S. women’s national team game against the Netherlands? U.S. Soccer created a handy dandy map that allows you to find one near wherever you’re located. Check it out.

How many World Cups has Alex Morgan played in?

Four. Alex Morgan has been a staple of the USWNT since her debut on a snowy day in 2010.

She scored her first goal that fall and since then, she's scored 121 times for the Stars and Stripes and won back-to-back World Cups. The Southern California native was named a captain for this year's tournament where the team will attempt to make history with their third straight title. — Victoria Hernandez

How Alex Morgan grew from USWNT rising star to powerful advocate and disruptor

Most of America knows Alex Morgan as the USWNT’s active leading goal scorer, No. 5 on the all-time list. Or as one of its most marketable stars: Attractive and wholesome-looking, appealing to both soccer diehards and those who don’t know the first thing about the sport.

But Morgan is also a disruptor. Keenly aware of the advantages her stardom has afforded her, she actively uses them to advocate for others.

“She deserves a ton more credit than she gets in this regard,” said Becca Roux, executive director of the USWNT Players Association. “A lot of people talk,” Roux added. “She does a lot of work that people never see.”

Read Nancy Armour’s full feature here.

How Naomi Girma, Sophia Smith keep friend, late Stanford teammate Katie Meyer in hearts

Katie Meyer’s parents joke that their daughter would have taken a plane, a ferry, even "a trained dolphin" to be in the stands at this World Cup, cheering on the Stanford teammates who were so close they were more like sisters than friends.

Gina and Steve Meyer are certain their daughter is still riding with the U.S. women, thanks to Sophia Smith, Naomi Girma and other players using the biggest moment of their careers to make sure Katie isn’t forgotten and no one else has to feel a similar loss.

"It is so heartwarming. And heartbreaking," Gina Meyer told USA TODAY Sports. "We’re just so proud of them. They didn’t have to do anything but to remember their friend, but they really want to talk about this subject, which is usually brushed under the rug.

"It’s such a beautiful thing that this whole team jumped on board and said, 'We want to be a part of this.'"

Read Nancy Armour’s full feature here.

USWNT: Why the Americans embrace the pressure of this World Cup

It doesn't matter whether the U.S. women are in sweats, training gear or those sharp-looking Nike x Martine Rose suits they're rocking at this World Cup.

They always wear a target on their backs. They're well aware of this. And they embrace it.

“This is not team that does any sort of resting on its laurels," Megan Rapinoe said last month. "That's what has been the fuel for this team always: To strive to be the very best. To try to win every single game, whether it’s in practice or actually on the field.

“For us, it’s just about continuing to put our best foot forward and continuing to try to be dominant and be the best team in the world.”

Read Nancy Armour’s full column here.

Wellington weather forecast: Windy

USA TODAY Sports columnist Nancy Armour is on the ground in Wellington, New Zealand and reports that it’s very, very windy at the stadium. The temperature might read low 50s, but it feels like the 40s. (Remember, it's winter in New Zealand.) On a positive note, there’s also sunshine in the forecast, which has not been the case at many other World Cup games that have been played in Wellington the last few days. Quite a few of those have been played in the pouring rain.

Youngest player on USWNT

Forward Alyssa Thompson is 18 years old. She turns 19 on Nov. 7.

USWNT World Cup roster

The 2023 World Cup roster is one of, if not the, most diverse in U.S. women's soccer history. This year marks a passing of the torch, as a new generation of soccer talent makes its World Cup debut and tries to continue the Americans' win streak. Of the 23-player roster, 14 will be playing in their first World Cup. You can learn more about each player from the U.S., as well as some of the standout international stars.

  • Goalkeepers: Alyssa Naeher (Chicago Red Stars); Casey Murphy (North Carolina Courage); Aubrey Kingsbury (Washington Spirit).

  • Defenders: Alana Cook (OL Reign); Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns); Emily Fox (North Carolina Courage); Naomi Girma (San Diego Wave); Sofia Huerta (OL Reign); Kelley O'Hara (NJ/NY Gotham); Emily Sonnett (OL Reign).

  • Midfielders: Savannah DeMelo (Racing Louisville); Julie Ertz (Angel City); Lindsey Horan (Olympique Lyon); Rose Lavelle (OL Reign); Kristie Mewis (NJ/NY Gotham); Ashley Sanchez (Washington Spirit); Andi Sullivan (Washington Spirit).

  • Forwards: Alex Morgan (San Diego Wave); Megan Rapinoe (OL Reign); Trinity Rodman (Washington Spirit); Sophia Smith (Portland Thorns); Alyssa Thompson (Angel City); Lynn Williams (NJ/NY Gotham).

USWNT World Cup wins

The USWNT has won four World Cups overall and are going for their third straight and fifth overall.

World Cup bracket

Here’s how the 2023 World Cup bracket is set up.

How many groups are in the Women's World Cup?

There are eight groups, four teams per group, with the top two seeds from each group advancing to the knockout round. The groups are as follows:

  • Group A: New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland

  • Group B: Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Rep. of Ireland

  • Group C: Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, Zambia

  • Group D: China, Denmark, England, Haiti

  • Group E: Netherlands, Portugal, United States, Vietnam

  • Group F: Brazil, France, Jamaica, Panama

  • Group G: Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Sweden

  • Group H: Colombia, Germany, Morocco, South Korea

Where is the 2023 World Cup being played?

For the first time in women’s World Cup history, the tournament will be hosted by two countries, Australia and New Zealand. (The 2022 men’s World Cup was hosted by Japan and South Korea and in 2026, it will be hosted by the U.S., Mexico and Canada.)

Many people associate Australia and New Zealand with surfing, sandy beaches and stunning swimming spots, all happening in sunny weather. But it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, which means temperatures will be anything but scorching.

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