Torrey Craig shares thoughts on viral blunder with Andre Drummond

The Chicago Bulls are fighting to maintain home-court advantage in their 9-10 Play-In game against the Atlanta Hawks. They are just one game ahead of the Hawks in the standings. Unfortunately, while the Hawks lost on Tuesday night, giving the Bulls a chance to pull ahead, Chicago also fumbled, falling to the New York Knicks by a score of 128-117.

And to make matters worse, the Bulls had a viral moment during the game – in the worst way possible. At the beginning of the second quarter, after the Knicks had led the way for most of the first, Torrey Craig got a fastbreak. He threw the ball off the backboard, going for a self-alley-oop, but Andre Drummond also went for it.

The two players collided mid-air, and they both missed the shot. After the game, Craig spoke about the moment. (H/t ESPN)

“I just wanted to try to create some excitement,” Craig said.

It was an ugly sight, and the Bulls went on to lose the game.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire