'The time has come for change'

Chief football writer Phil McNulty

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty has been answering your questions on all things Premier League.

Paul asked: Am I the only one who thinks West Ham have been punching above for a few seasons now? Looking at teams and squads above, in and around, I would say overall they are doing well. I understand the gripe from fans with the style of play, but, results-wise, I think ninth is about right with the quality of squads above them. David Moyes is a goner, but I can't see the next man doing that much better, if at all. Seems playing more exciting football would be better than good results for some West Ham fans.

Phil answered: I agree with much of that, Paul. I do think David Moyes has done a very good job at West Ham United and brought them a European trophy and yet I do not think he gets the credit he deserves.

I do think the time has come for change because it all seems pretty joyless for everyone at West Ham and things do sometimes run their course.

You make a good point, though. I'll be very interested to see if the manager who replaces Moyes (Julen Lopetgui) does any better than him. And if playing more attractive football but finishing lower in the Premier League makes their fans any happier.

I do think the time has come for Moyes to leave West Ham, but hopefully people will not forget what he achieved for them. He can be proud of his work there.