What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That's Happened To You While Working From Home?

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When you mix your work-life with your home-life, things are bound to get a little...awkward from time to time. So with many folks working remotely now for over a year, it's safe to say we've all had (or witnessed) an embarrassing WFH moment.

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So if you've got a story about something weird, wild, or just plain awkward that's happened to you while working from home, please tell us all about it.

Maybe your S.O. didn't realize you were on a video call with your boss, so they came up behind you, singing loudly while holding your cat up above their head just like in the beginning of The Lion King.

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Or perhaps you were trying to talk to your toddler while chatting with a teammate on Slack and accidentally just typed what you were saying out loud — which means you told your coworker to "just try it on the potty one more time for me."

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Or maybe you had an important video meeting with a client, so you made sure to look super professional from the waist up. But you adjusted your laptop during the conversation and didn't realize that the new camera angle showed that you'd paired your button down shirt and blazer with a worn-out pair of underwear.

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Share your awkward WFH experiences in the comments and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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