Steve Kerr throws shade at LeBron James during Game 2 press conference

Chris Cwik

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr was in a joking mood following Game 2 of the NBA Finals. You can’t really blame him. His team took home yet another win, and now sits just two victories away from another championship.

What happened?

Kerr apparently felt good enough to throw some shade at LeBron James during his postgame press conference. As Kerr was getting up to leave the podium, he told the media they were “much better today.”

Kerr’s exact quote was, “By the way, I thought you guys were much better today.”

Remember Game 1?

That is a reference to James walking out of his Game 1 press conference while telling media members to “be better tomorrow.”

Reporters in the room immediately picked up on that, laughing as Kerr went back to the locker room.

All in good fun

There was nothing malicious about Kerr’s tone making the joke, so we’re not willing to start drama here. Kerr has a sharp wit, so it was just his way of keeping things light as he celebrated a win. We don’t imagine James will care much about that comment.

What if James is mad?

Then he’ll probably try to take it out on Kerr and the Warriors on the court. While the last thing Kerr wants is to give James more motivation, it might not matter. James is giving the Cleveland Cavaliers everything he has and his team is still down 0-2 in the Finals.

Steve Kerr is no stranger to showing off his quick wit during press conferences. (AP Photo)
Steve Kerr is no stranger to showing off his quick wit during press conferences. (AP Photo)

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