Steve Kerr says Warriors struggles might be 'kind of a good thing'

The Golden State Warriors might be 5-21, but head coach Steve Kerr is looking on the bright side. Kerr tried to put a positive spin on the team’s struggles this season, telling CNN’s Don Riddell the team’s poor season is “kind of a good thing.”

After making five straight appearances in the NBA finals, some key Warriors will get a chance to rest once the playoffs come around. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson — if he’s back by then — won’t have to add high-stress mileage to their legs by taking part in another grueling postseason.

That was an issue last year, according to the 54-year-old Kerr. By the end of the finals, the Warriors were exhausted.

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“I made a comment after we lost to Toronto at the end of last year that we should just go on sabbatical for the year, go to Italy and sip wine," said Kerr. "It did feel like our guys were just wiped out.

"I don't know that anybody can really fathom what it takes physically and emotionally to go to the Finals five straight years. It's exhausting. These guys put everything on the line for five straight years; just an incredible group, amazing competitive desire."

That’s about the best spin Kerr can put on a miserable season. After losing Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets, and Curry and Thompson to injuries, the Warriors have seen their dynasty crumble in short order.

There’s a chance this season will be nothing more than a small blip on the team’s radar. If Kerr is right, the Warriors should have fresh and motivated versions of Curry and Thompson next season. Add a high draft pick into that mix, and the Warriors might be a dominant force again in no time.

That doesn’t mean fans should treat the team’s awful record as “a good thing,” but it helps knowing the Warriors are in much better shape than some of the other teams in the cellar.


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