Antonio Brown's pity party continues, as he blames everyone else for downfall in tweets

It’s hard to blame the whole world for everything you’ve done in the span of one tweet, but don’t underestimate Antonio Brown.

Brown is out of the NFL and his erratic behavior is the reason why. His erratic behavior since being cut by the New England Patriots is one of the reasons he hasn’t resurfaced, despite being in the prime of a phenomenal football career.

Brown went on another tweeting binge Wednesday — he probably needs a new hobby — and managed to blame the NFL, media, NFLPA and agent Drew Rosenhaus all in the span of 280 characters. And then in other tweets he ripped Ben Roethlisberger (again), the NFLPA (again) and took a shot at numerous NFL players who have been arrested.

Antonio Brown blames everyone

Let’s start with the oddest tweet, which depicts Brown in an ancient battle with Rosenhaus and NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith looking on. He also posted it to Instagram and deleted, but screenshots live on:

The caption read: “The owners sent the hit to the media ; media carried it out; as The agent and nflpa witness me go down no help no protection full take down on us every time !”

It has been rare to find tweets in which Brown acknowledges his missteps. It wasn’t like the media is what caused the Pittsburgh Steelers to deactivate him for last season’s finale and trade him. The Oakland Raiders were amazingly patient through his various drama, including his well-documented tantrum with the NFL over his helmet. Rosenhaus went on ESPN to defend Brown after rape allegations were made.

But Brown is the victim. Just ask him. And he had more to say.

Antonio Brown had plenty to say on Twitter. (David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)
Antonio Brown had plenty to say on Twitter. (David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Brown had other inflammatory tweets

Among the highlights of Brown’s tweets Wednesday, he insinuated the NFL was racist (which he has done before, and then just came out and said the NFL was racist).

He called Roethlisberger a “loser.”

He posted a list of NFL player arrests and said they were still working in the league, ignoring that the first guy on the list, former Dolphins running back Mark Walton, was cut right after another domestic violence accusation.

He took another shot at the NFLPA.

It’s not like Brown doesn’t make any decent points. The NFL has plenty of players with terrible things in their past still playing on Sundays. The league has seemingly dragged on an investigation of the allegations made against Brown. The NFLPA hasn’t always been effective in protecting its players against the NFL’s large fines, inconsistent punishment and other methods of keeping players in check.

But when Brown looks closer at that picture of Roman times that he tweeted, he might find that his wounds are self-inflicted.

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