Some Steelers fans will never be happy with a coaching hire

When every Pittsburgh Steelers season ends, the fanbase spends several weeks continuing their favorite game of all. The blame game. Fans spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing the players and more importantly the coaching staff. Fans want to gut the coaching staff every season and have very little patience for the guys already on the payroll.

However, there is more to this story. When the Steelers do make coaching moves, they are often promotions made internally. Which equally enrages the fans who look for it to simply be more of the same.

So what have the Steelers done this offseason? So far they have replaced the wide receivers and offensive line coaches with outside candidates. How did fans react? Were they excited about some new blood on the staff? Nope, they complained. Because this is what they do.

Will these coaching changes make the team better in 2022? It’s impossible to predict right now. But as someone who definitely falls into the category of supporting outside hires, I’m anxious to see what they can do.


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