Report: Tyreek Hill may be put on commissioner's exempt list soon

The NFL may take action against Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill soon. According to ESPN, Hill may end up on the commissioner’s exempt list in the next few days.

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This comes several days after audio was released featuring a conversation between Hill and his fiancée, Crystal Espinal, during which Hill discussed abusing his son. Hill also threatened Espinal during the recorded conversation, saying that she should be “terrified” of him.

The day before the audio was released, prosecutors in Johnson County, Kansas, declined to press domestic violence charges against Hill. It wasn’t because they didn’t think a crime had occurred, but because they couldn’t figure out whether it was Hill or Espinal who had hurt their son. Once the audio was released, prosecutors reopened the investigation.

Tyreek Hill may end up on the NFL commissioner's exempt List this week. (AP)
Tyreek Hill may end up on the NFL commissioner's exempt List this week. (AP)

This is not the first time Hill has been in trouble with the law over abuse charges. In December 2014, when he was playing for Oklahoma State, Hill was arrested for assaulting Espinal, who was pregnant at the time. According to the police report, Hill threw Espinal around like a “ragdoll,” punched her in the face, choked her, and sat on her while punching her in the stomach.

Hill was kicked off the Oklahoma State football team, and he eventually pleaded guilty to domestic assault charges and was sentenced to probation and anger management classes. Hill’s case was expunged in 2018 upon the completion of his probation and the classes.

While on the exempt list, Hill will only be able to enter the Chiefs facility for non-football activities like therapy and meetings. However, the Chiefs have suspended Hill from all team activities.

While the Chiefs have suspended Hill, the team hasn’t cut him. The Chiefs have said that they’re conducting their own investigation.

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