Redskins owner Daniel Snyder's team is dying, but he's improving his $100M yacht

Washington owner Dan Snyder has the world’s first private, floating IMAX theater on his 305-foot superyacht. (AP)
Washington owner Dan Snyder has the world’s first private, floating IMAX theater on his 305-foot superyacht. (AP)

Washington owner Dan Snyder apparently cares so little about the fortunes and goings-on with his NFL team that he actually gave head of football operations Bruce Allen more responsibility, not less, in recent weeks.

But while his franchise, once one of the most beloved in the league, dies a slow death, there is apparently one big-money thing Snyder owns that he cares enough about to spend big, frivolous money on.

The world’s first

Via The Guardian, Snyder bought a 305-foot yacht, to be christened “Lady S,” from Dutch boatbuilder Feadship, and he had one primary request: the world’s first floating, private IMAX theater.

The theater alone was $3 million; the entire yacht cost about $100 million.

While most yachts have some kind of movie screen/theater, Feadship’s CEO, Jan-Bart Verkuyl, told The Guardian that the Lady S is the first to have an IMAX system. The two-level, 12-seat theater is so large “the vessel had to be built around the IMAX,” Verkuyl said.

Theater made design complicated

Ed Beckett, a naval architect at British yacht firm Burgess, which helped design Snyder’s new craft, said the inclusion of the IMAX made the entire build a “much more complicated and expensive” process. Everything else on the ship had to be designed to be as quiet as possible so as not to interfere with the immersive experience offered by IMAX.

“You couldn’t have sound from the IMAX drifting into the cabins next door and, more importantly, you couldn’t have the sound of the engines or vibrations coming into the IMAX,” Beckett said. “If they did we would not get the certification from Imax – and that was the most important thing for the owner.”

The ship also has a helipad, four VIP suites, and two state-of-the-art 8K HDTVs.

‘Lady S’ is an upgrade

The 54-year-old Snyder and his wife, Tanya, also own a smaller – just 225 feet – yacht called Lady Anne.

The Snyders were on hand in Kaag, in South Holland, Netherlands, for Lady S’s launch last October; they’ll take delivery of the yacht in the spring.

In case you’re wondering, it costs roughly $10 million a year to maintain a yacht that size.

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