Recent Bill Belichick comments might have eliminated one Patriots QB as Week 12 starter

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is faced with a spotty quarterback room this season, and the question was raised as to whether Will Grier could be in line to start on Sunday against the New York Giants.

Unsurprisingly, Belichick was noncommittal with his answer.

Grier does not have a ton of experience in the Patriots’ offense. He has not started a game since the 2019 season. He has been New England’s emergency quarterback in seven of the last eight games.

While Belichick has praised his willingness to learn, it doesn’t sound like Grier will be getting any in-game chances this coming Sunday, either.

“(He’s doing) a little bit better each week,” Belichick said, when speaking with host Scott Zolak on Patriots All Access. “Just a little more familiarity with being able to run our plays. He just hasn’t had a chance to — you know what it’s like playing quarterback. The backup quarterback, you never get enough reps as it is.

“So, that’s the backup quarterback, and then the third quarterback is even less than that. And when you’re new and you haven’t been here in training camp and had the full background of OTAs and training camp and a chance really to run our core plays, it’s just a lot to catch up on.”

There is little doubt that New England’s quarterback room is in flux right now. The Patriots need to find an answer at the position, and it does not appear that Grier is on track to being that answer this Sunday.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire