Raptors sweep top 3 trending topics worldwide on Twitter

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Eastern Conference Champions (Kishan Mistry/Yahoo Sports Canada)
Eastern Conference Champions (Kishan Mistry/Yahoo Sports Canada)

In a world with 7.53 billion people and over 6,500 languages spoken, the conversation that united us all last night was the Toronto Raptors.

Twitter’s top three trending topics worldwide were “Raptors”, “Kawhi”, and “#WeTheNorth” for hours after confetti rained down on the first Eastern Conference Championship team in Raptors history.

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Toronto has had the backing of a nation since their inaugural season in 1995-1996, and last night they captured the attention of the rest of the world. With a star-studded experienced Golden State Warriors looming in the Finals, the Raptors will gladly take on any new bandwagon fans from wherever they’re watching from. If Toronto can go on to win the Finals, we can imagine fans might just break the internet.

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