Ranking Arkansas' Uniforms Under Bret Bielema

Danny West, Recruiting Analyst
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Arkansas made noise on social media Sunday after unveiling its Dallas Cowboys-themed uniform to be worn in Saturday's game against Texas A&M at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

The uniform, created as a nod to notable Arkansas alum Jerry Jones and his recent induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is one of several attention-grabbing looks the Hogs have seen under head coach Bret Bielema.

Here's how I would rank the six 'alternate' uniforms we've seen the Razorbacks in over the last four seasons:

6. All Red | 2014-present


Denny Medley - USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas had worn all red many times in the past but brought these out for the first time under Bielema on November 15, 2014.

The Razorbacks had lost 17 consecutive SEC games when No. 17 LSU came into Fayetteville and received a 17-0 whipping from the Hogs. So what does Arkansas do? They wear it again the next week and beat No. 8 Ole Miss, 30-0.

The Hogs are now 3-2 in this uniform under Bielema. While a lot of fans still aren't crazy about them, I've always liked this look. It's not my favorite but it has its place.

5. All White | 2014


Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't seen these white helmets with a chrome red Razorback since the Mississippi State game on November 1, 2014 -- two weeks before the Hogs snapped that 17-game SEC losing streak that I mentioned above.

The Razorbacks' 1-3 record wearing this uniform combination in 2014 may be the reason it disappeared (Bielema is fairly superstitious), but I always thought this was one of Arkansas' cleanest looks in many years.

I didn't care for the 2012 white helmet (which featured a white Razorback) or even the 2013 version with a red Hog because both had that weird dark fading on the back of the helmet. This 2014 white helmet with a shiny red logo was pretty sweet, though.

Aside from the record, I don't see a reason to totally abandon this look in the future.

As a side note, it's well past time for the Razorbacks to give up on the black cleats.

Kids don't want to wear plain black cleats.

4. Chrome Lids | 2015


University of Arkansas Athletics

These chrome hats created a huge buzz on Twitter when Arkansas met Kansas State in the Liberty Bowl on January 2, 2016. And regardless of how you feel about messing with the uniforms, creating a positive buzz on social media is the only goal in this day and age.

The Razorbacks handled the Wildcats with ease that day, 45-23, and looked good doing it. These need to be featured once every season.

3. Anthracite | 2016


Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Many will think this Anthracite uniform is too high on the list, but in terms of getting a reaction from recruits it made the biggest splash I've seen.

Arkansas wore them last year against No. 10 Florida and came away with a 31-10 victory in Fayetteville.

The Razorbacks had worn Anthracite a couple of times in the past but messed up by putting a plain red Razorback sticker on the helmet. The 2016 version added a chrome Hog and a chrome facemask, and that's what took this uniform to another level.

Like the chrome red helmets listed above, I'd make sure this one made an appearance every year. The reason is simple: Recruits love them.

2. Arkansas Cowboys | 2017


University of Arkansas Athletics

Personally, I think the sentiment behind this look is better than the actual look itself, but it's still pretty cool to look at and it's definitely creative.

There will be some who stumble across the Arkansas-Texas A&M game on television and wonder why the Hogs are wearing it, but those who make the Jerry Jones-Arkansas connection will appreciate it. In fact, it's been a pretty big hit on social media so far.

Forget the losing streak to Texas A&M or how poorly the Aggies and Hogs have played to start the season. If you're wearing this uniform in Jerry World, you absolutely have to win the game.

No pressure, though.

1. The 1964 Throwback | 2014



I've stated many times that I think Arkansas should increase its flash and have multiple alternate uniforms that rotate on a weekly basis, because there is no true traditional Razorback uniform that must be kept intact.

And then I go and put an old-school throwback at No. 1 on this list.

The 2014 team wore this against Alabama to honor the 50th anniversary of the 1964 National Championship and came within one point, 14-13, of knocking off the Crimson Tide in Fayetteville.

I know it was intended to be a one-time deal, but what's keeping the Hogs from playing in this uniform every year? It seems to be the fans' favorite. It's my favorite, too.

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