QB Mitch Trubisky opens up about ‘breakup’ with Steelers

Mitch Trubisky, the first of two starting quarterbacks recently jettisoned from Pittsburgh, recently opened up about his “breakup” with the Steelers.

As is typical with NFL players, it seems Trubisky initially heard through the grapevine — not directly from the Steelers — that the team was looking to move on.

“There were rumblings that they were going to do it,” Trubisky said in a Buffalo Bills press conference on March 7. “In my mindset, if it’s going to happen, it’s probably more beneficial to do it sooner rather than later… it was beneficial for both sides in the end.”

The Steelers respected Trubisky enough to release him ahead of free agency so he could get the process of speaking with other teams rolling.

It wasn’t long before Trubisky returned to Buffalo — where he was once Josh Allen’s backup for a season before landing with the Steelers — and signed a two-year, $5.25 million contract. When Pittsburgh signed him in March 2022, it was on a deal nearly three times the value, at $14.28 million.

“I was thankful the Steelers released earlier than free agency actually started,” said Trubisky. “My agent was able to start talking to some teams. I took a very relaxed approach. I just had a feeling that I would end up exactly where I was supposed to be… It felt like coming home in the end.”

Trubisky had some preferred teams in mind, but rejoining Allen and the Bills was a “no-brainer.” He and the two-time Pro Bowler had kept in touch during his two seasons with the Steelers.

While his time in Pittsburgh wasn’t successful from a career standpoint, Trubisky learned a lot about himself and what he needs from a team.

“I definitely had some ups and downs in Pittsburgh. I learned a lot more about what not to do and things I don’t like necessarily. Just being able to voice those opinions and have those opinions be heard, I think, is important.”

Trubisky intimated that his voice wasn’t heard in Pittsburgh. Maybe he should’ve spoken a little louder.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire